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4 Natural Foods That Kick Cancer’s Butt!

Cancer is a terrible disease and most of you reading this article will know somebody who has suffered from this illness.

It destroys the body without any mercy and there are many different strains of this killer doing the rounds.

The treatment for cancer is notoriously painful and sometimes, this is even more of a worry than actual cancer itself.

But were you aware that each of us has the ability to take on and even defeat the big C without dealing with chemotherapy and the dreadful side effects? Our bodies contain a number of proteins that have the capability to destroy the tumours that result from cancer.

What is more, certain foods have health benefits that assist the body when it comes to beating cancer. We’ve scoured the web and found 4 of these superfoods that scientists have identified as being the right medicine for the job in hand.


The Indian Spice, Turmeric, is commonly used in cooking but were you aware that it contains curcumin, one of the most powerful antioxidants known to man? We’ll not go into the science part here but speak to your local natural health specialist about the way that turmeric releases certain minerals that have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative qualities that have a positive effect on cancerous cells. James A.

Duke has carried out significant research on turmeric and his findings certainly suggest that it works far more effectively than any pharmaceutical products can manage.

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Everybody loves a grape but who knew how awesome they are at kicking cancer where it really hurts? They contain resveratrol, a phenolic compound with excellent antioxidant qualities.

It is also an antimutagen and has been shown to slow down and even stop the production of tumours caused by cancer. Red grapes are probably the best source of this life-saving compound and that’s good enough for us!


Tomatoes are used in salads and hundreds of other dishes so how cool is it to find out that these tasty little guys are also ready and willing to step up to the plate and help in the battle against cancer. The carotenoids and lycopene are proven to combat heart disease and are also believed to deal with the deadly TNF-alpha inflammatory agents.

Green Tea

Okay, the final gladiator willing to fight the good fight is the delicious and soothing Green Tea. You probably already know about the anti-oxidants contained in this beverage but those same qualities are great at blocking the TNF-alpha mediators we’ve already discussed. The Chonbuk National University Medical School carried out an in-depth study in 2009 and the results were favourable.

Please bear these natural remedies in mind and always consult with your GP before trying them for yourself.

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