4 Projects to Consider Before Thanks giving in New York

With Thanksgiving just around the corner, it is the perfect time to get started on home renovations and improvement projects that’ll get your New York home up and ready for the festive season. 

Obviously, making your New York home look comfortable and inviting during this time is extremely crucial as you want to invite guests, host parties, and feast with your friends and family. 

If you’ve been putting some much-needed home renovations projects on the back burner, this is the perfect time to loosen your wallet and make some time to prepare your New York home for the upcoming holiday. 

Start with checking up on your kitchen appliances

Before we get into the fun stuff, you need to take care of the most crucial aspects of your New York home and kitchen. You don’t want to start prepping and cooking a giant meal only to realize your kitchen appliances are broken and not working… how embarrassing! 

While all your guests await the delicious and mouthwatering food, you’re in the kitchen messing with knobs and handles trying to get your oven to work. 

You’ll need to prep for the Thanksgiving meal days in advance, meaning you’ll get the turkey, nuts, and dessert ingredients beforehand, so, you need to make sure your fridge and freezer are in mint condition. You’ll also need a working oven and stove to cook all the delicious meals and impress your friends and family with your skills, so, make sure your oven is clean and working before the day of Thanksgiving.



Focus on the exterior of your New York home

Even if we don’t tell you to revamp and transform the interior of your New York home, we’re sure you’ll be able to figure and manage that part of your home. But what about the front entryway and exterior of your New York home?

All your guests, friends, and family that’ll be invited for Thanksgiving will notice the exterior of your New York home before anything else, putting a sour taste in their mouth if it’s not maintained and well-kept. 

If you want to leave your friends and family members completely speechless before even serving them your perfectly cooked turkey, you can invest in a sleek and stylish steel or iron front entry door

They’ll have to drag their dropped jaws into your lovely New York home and be instantly mesmerized with your home design and decor choices. Getting a new front door will not only transform the exterior and front entryway of your home but also make it feel much more inviting and welcoming to all your Thanksgiving dinner attendees. 


Expand your kitchen and dining area

Not everyone in New York has a giant home with ample hosting and dining space, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make any changes and maximize your indoor living spaces. 

If your kitchen or dining area doesn’t open up onto a patio or backyard, you’re missing out on great hosting and dining opportunities. With an integrated outdoor and indoor space, you and your guests will be able to enjoy more room, enhanced airflow, and the outdoors. 

So, how do you expand your kitchen and dining area and utilize your outdoor living spaces during thanksgiving? Well, the solution is simple. Getting French steel doors that lead to your patio or backyard should do the trick. If you want to space some space, you can opt for a sliding patio door and achieve the same look. 


Clean up and have fun

Now that your New York home is embellished with exquisite steel and iron doors, you can turn your focus on cleaning everything up, having a grand old’ time with your friends and family, and eating mouthwatering foods to your heart’s content. 

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About the author

The author, Cassie, is an interior designer and decorator and also a long-time friend and client of Pinky’s Iron Doors. She’s collaborated with Pinky’s Iron Doors, an industry-leading door company, on many of her projects, bringing quality and joy to her clients and their home renovation projects. 

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