4 Trending Fashions That Celebrate Your Curves

Thankfully, after over twenty years of the fashion houses and clothing designers’ focus on more petite female muses, there is now a much more open and embracing attitude to women, clothing and fashion.

With this in mind, continue reading to discover four of the latest trending fashions that will serve to celebrate your curves.

1.    Shirt Dresses

Not only are shirt dresses of all shades and colours extremely fashionable right now, but they are the perfect style of dress to wear to complement your curves, particularly if you have a larger bust. For extra style points, choose bold prints and bright colours, such as black and white zebra prints. 

Other flattering cuts of dresses, all of which can be browsed to your heart’s content through designer plus size clothing, as well as the classic shirt dress, for curvy women, including leather wrap dresses, quilted sweatshirt dresses and knitted dresses which come down below the knee.

2.    Pencil Skirts

If you are looking for a fashionable change to wear to the office, figure-hugging pencil skirts are perfect, especially if you choose a tailored version. To accentuate your waist, a high-waisted style would be ideal and choose a black or navy blue to pair with similarly coloured heels.

Even if your waist is not overly defined, tucking in a silky or even cotton blouse will complete the outfit and when it comes to sleeve detail, butterfly and kimono sleeves are both set to be hot trends in the coming year. 

3.    Denim Shirts & Jackets

Ever since the 1990s, denim has been a staple of everyday, practical fashion regardless of gender, body shape or lifestyle but now, denim is seeing a huge resurgence in high-end fashion too.

Moreover, denim is now becoming a, believe it or not, sexy statement for women and designers are creating denim shirts with ornate collars which flatter the shoulders, to be tucked into high-waisted trousers or else left loose over midi skirts.

Jeans and jeggings are always a bone of contention for curvier women, as well as women of any shape or size and it can sometimes be genuinely frustrating trying to find just one pair of jeans which flatter the bottom and waist at the same time. Choosing boyfriend-style jeans in a darker blue will make wearing this trend both easier and more comfortable.

4.    Cobalt Blue

As you will already know, certain colours dominate the world of fashion every season and the latest colour to add to your wardrobe this year is cobalt blue, which is set to last from spring to winter and beyond.

Whether you decide to complement your larger bust with a splash of cobalt blue on a scarf or even a statement necklace or else decide to go all out and invest in a cobalt blue blazer, wear this bright and joyful colour with pride. Moreover, you could even choose to invest in a statement chunky cobalt blue belt to add a stylish flair to black trousers too.

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