5 Diseases Caused By ED

Erectile Dysfunction is one of the worst conditions that can happen to a man. Many men worldwide are affected by the condition, and it has affected not only their sex life but overall health as well. Here in this article, you will know about the 5 harmful diseases that ED causes to our body, or may influence to catch them up.

However, before jumping straight into the topic, let’s know about ED in detail.

What is ED, and how does it occur?

Erectile dysfunction is more of an embarrassment for most men. They cannot even tell the doctor about their condition openly.

ED occurs when the blood vessels flowing blood to the penis is not working smoothly anymore. This leads to an unsuccessful erection during the time of ejaculation. This is what makes the disease more embarrassing for the affected men. Their sex life, as well as their mental health, get hampered by this. ED sometimes also leads to an early or delayed erection.

There are some traditional meds and methods that medical science proved to be fruitful for the treatment of erectile dysfunction. 

Now, here are the top five harmful diseases that ED can lead to. Check out the list below. If you are affected by ED and feel like having a symptom of any of those diseases, kindly consult the doctor ASAP.

Cardiovascular health

Erectile dysfunction hampers cardiovascular health big time. Our heart is one of the most important organs of our body. As we all know that the main condition of ED is related to blood flow. Hence it might cause severe hypertension in your body. This can be a huge issue, as this condition often leads to type 2 diabetes mellitus.  

Diabetes and metabolic syndrome

This is another harmful disease associated with erectile dysfunction. In fact, ED is one of those very first symptoms of diabetes in at least 20% of male bodies. Almost 85% of male diabetes patients have experienced ED. However, this percentage varies concerning the patient’s age and severity of diabetes. Men with metabolic syndrome also suffer from ED. Studies have proved that men with ED have at least shown one metabolic abnormality in their check-up period.


Dyslipidemia is an abnormality in blood lipid concentration. This can be found in erectile dysfunction affected people as well. In some men, some moderate cases of the disease can be the main reason for erectile dysfunction. In fact, studies have shown that treating moderate cases of this disease is fruitful to treat erectile dysfunction in many men. This is the reason why doctors check if their patient has any such conditions as Dyslipidaemia before starting the treatment of ED.

These are some of the main health conditions that arouse with ED. Now here are some other diseases that can occur in the body of an ED patient.

Endocrine disorder

Endocrine disorder is another harmful health condition that arouses with ED. This includes hypo and hyperthyroidism too. Hypogonadism can also worsen the conditions of erectile dysfunction. Thyroid disorders might create imbalances in our sex hormones binding globulin. This imbalance can, in turn, affect the bioavailable testosterone levels and might make the erectile function condition worsen.

Another condition of erectile dysfunction is hypogonadism. We can characterize it as testosterone deficiency. This also causes reduced libido. This can lead to cases of erectile dysfunction, as well. There are also some other risk factors as well as obesity, diabetes, metabolic syndrome, and depression as well.

Lower urinary tract disorder and premature ejaculation

Premature ejaculation and lower urinary tract disorder are two of the most common side effects of patients with ED. Every 3rd male body with erectile dysfunction suffers from premature ejaculation. Although medical science can treat this with traditional meds like Kamagra, there are side effects to this drug as well. Therefore, doctors in such cases don’t opt for these meds quickly.

Besides, lower urinary tract disorder is also another incredibly significant disorder that comes with erectile dysfunction. Men with this disorder have 2 to 9 times increased chances of having erectile dysfunction. Studies have unleashed that lower urinary tract disorder severity might also be the defining condition of the risk of having erectile dysfunction.

Some other common side effects come with erectile dysfunction, such as:

● Depression and anxiety

● Benign prostatic hyperplasia

● Diabetes mellitus

And more.

These are some of the most affecting diseases you may have if you are a patient of erectile dysfunction and vice versa. You can consult your doctor from the very first day when you start having the early symptoms. ED is not incurable; we just need to start the treatment as early as possible. Medicines like tadalista and methods like yoga and some simple exercises can cure this condition. Doctors prescribe you one of these according to the severity of your condition.


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