5 Tips You Need to Follow for Your Dental Care This Winter!

Smile! The first thing that comes to your mind, hearing the word “smile” is your “teeth”. Everyone knows the importance of teeth that they help you in chewing, grinding, and eating food. But, how much do you really know about your teeth? For example, do you know that you need extra dental care in winter? If not, then you may seriously affect your teeth once the temperature drops during winter. You might suffer from severe tooth sensitivity, cracks, oral infections, and many other problems.

Once, I had to visit Bahria International Hospital for my severe toothache. I was lucky enough to come across the exceptional and best dentist in Lahore. It was during that visit, I got to know that my teeth issue was not unusual in winters. In fact, my dentist mentioned that in winter extra dental care is needed. But, no need to worry! You can avoid your dental issues by simply opting following tips in the winter.

So, if you are as concerned as me regarding your oral hygiene then this article is a must-read.

5 Simple Tips for Oral Hygiene

  1. Change the way you brush your teeth

From early childhood, we all are taught about maintaining our oral hygiene. Brushing and flossing are the two main components of our daily oral care routine. But, how many of you know that you should be changing the way you brush your teeth during winters? Yes, Winters! During this time of the year, your teeth are more sensitive, and brushing hard or using toothbrushes having hard bristles can severely damage your teeth’ enamel and gums. If you suffer from the issue of tooth sensitivity then you need to opt for the particular toothpaste for sensitive teeth. To avoid oral infections, use good mouthwash daily, at least twice a day. If you have crooked teeth and are finding it hard to brush all areas visit for dentist or orthodontist and ask them about teeth straightening procedures like invisible braces, EZ smile clear aligners, or traditional braces.

  1. Your Gums Needs Extra Care

Your gums can say a lot about your oral hygiene. Bleeding gums can ultimately lead to loss of teeth. But, you need to be extra aware of the fact that in winters the micro-organisms causing flu can also cause gum infections that leads to various oral diseases.

 You can keep a watch on your gum health by these three simple steps:

  • Firstly, look out for any sign of inflammation and redness of the gum.
  • Secondly, avoid touching your mouth
  • And thirdly, at least twice a day, use antibacterial mouthwash in winters
  1. Stay Hydrated

Many of us have a habit of consuming more tea, coffee, or hot chocolate in winter. But, by doing this, you are directly damaging your teeth and is increasing the risk of teeth decay. So, if you want to protect your teeth, you need to drink plenty of water. If you are not drinking enough water, you are dehydrating yourself. This dehydration will lead to a decrease in the production of saliva and once saliva is reduced, this will allow the opportunist pathogens (harmful bacteria) to grow and cause diseases.

  1. Stay Warm

Just as the phrase says, you need to keep yourself warm during winters. You might never realize this, but, the winter scarf can do more wonder than just keeping you warm. If your face and neck are exposed to cold weather than the one that suffers the most are your jawbone, teeth and ultimately gums. Hence, wear a thick scarf, it will not only protect you from the cold weather but, also your throat if you normally breathe from your mouth.

Our mouth does not do so well when exposed to sharp and biting cold conditions. The warmer you keep the gum, jaw, and mouth area, the better will it be for your teeth. According to a leading dental clinic in Dubai, sharp sensations that you feel in your teeth and gum areas are because of cold infections that your mouth has been exposed to. Hence, it is very important to stay as warm and hydrated as possible.

  1. Avoid Certain Foods

If you want to protect your teeth from decay and erosion you should reconsider what you should eat. Foods having high sugar and acidic content are responsible for softening the enamel of your teeth. So, you must avoid such as carbonated drinks and candies which have high sugar content. If however, you cannot control your eating habits then you should rinse your mouth using mouthwash or water, right after these foods.

In the end, I hope you find this article interesting and has helped you in understanding that why you need to take care of your teeth especially in winter. Remember, a smile is a crown that you carry with you all the time.

Make sure to follow these tips and Don’t forget to visit your Dentist in Richmond for Regular Checkup!


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