6 Reasons Why Your Website Needs WordPress

You must be aware that having a business without a website today is equal to failure. And if you are aware about this, you must also be aware about WordPress. There are multiple reasons why this platform is so popular, and quite frankly, so effective. Let’s dive into the details.

WordPress Explained

First of all, it is important you know that you won’t be able to host your website using WordPress. Meaning, even though you use WordPress, you will still need a web hosting provider.

WordPress is actually a content management system, also known as CMS. It is a tool that will help you create and manage your website, be it a blog, for business, a personal website, or an ecommerce store – WordPress can deal with them all.

Next, you need to be aware that this tool runs online, so you won’t have to download any special desktop software in order to use it properly. Now, once you know a tad more about the tool, let’s continue with the reasons why you should use it.

Reasons Why WordPress the Best CMS Platform

  1. Reliability

This is crucial, you do need a reliable platform, and you shouldn’t take any chances here. Running and managing your website properly can make or break your business. If you don’t do it right, if you don’t utilize the platform correctly, user experience will go down, and so will customer numbers. It is simply not worth the risk.

Luckily, even if you lack some tech knowledge, you can hire WordPress developer who knows the platform inside out, and can make your vision and your ideas a reality. WordPress developers have the needed experience and skill set that enables them to work with the platform on all possible levels, and when it comes to WordPress, you can rest assured that is one of the most reliable options out there. Around 70 million posts are published on WordPress, and these posts generate astonishing 77 million comments, on a monthly basis.

Great Support

Now that you know how popular and widely used WordPress is, you should also know that there are plenty of online tutorials and guides that can help you with almost any issue. If you can’t resolve your problem with the help of these guidelines, you can always directly contact the WordPress support team.

SEO Friendly

Having a SEO optimized website is very important and closely connected with how successful your business will be. You need to focus on the SEO part right from the beginning of your online presence. 

Again, WordPress is here to offer a helping hand. It comes with built-in tools that will show you whether the content you plan on publishing is SEO friendly, and if so – just how optimized it really is.  There are plugins available too, that will additionally help you with the optimization part. Again, you can contact WordPress developers, and let them help you if you find this field a bit unclear.


The entire program is highly flexible – there is a simpler and more basic version, or you can use the more complex and in-depth options WordPress provides. The simpler version entails just publishing blog posts, and if you need it for that, that is completely fine. However, business website owners are advised to explore and use the additional widgets and plugins WordPress has. This will surely add more functionality to your website – something users will definitely appreciate.


Generally, WordPress is a safe space. However, that does not mean that you are completely and utterly out of any possible hacker attacks on your website. That is why WordPress offers a password protection for all your folder contents, and you also need to keep the platform up to date as an additional security measure.

Optimized for Speed

If you do put your website on the online market, and it is slow – it is practically useless. With so much going on online, having a slow website is a suicide. WordPress is aware of this, and that is why it comes with special elements and features that if you use right will speed up your website. Lightweight themes that will not weigh down the website’s code are one way to speed up the website, or add a plug in whose purpose is to reduce the size of the images you plan on using.

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