6 Tips to Make your Inverters Last Long

Just getting a good quality inverters isn’t enough, it’s also important to maintain the inverters unit the best you can for ensuring optimal performance and service life.

So, if you have an inverters and have been thinking about how to best take care of it, we are going to help you with a few tips that are sure to significantly increase its lifecycle and keep delivering power as intended during outages for years to come. 

So, without further ado, let’s get you up to speed with some tips to help you get the maximum out of your inverter unit! 

The right battery is important 

Your inverter can’t function on its own, it needs a battery to draw power when the lights go out. So, it’s crucial to choose the right battery for your inverter. Always buy high-quality batteries and avoid going for cheap quality ones to save on a few bucks.

Also ensure that the battery you choose is adequately powered to complement your inverter. So, pay close attention to the ampere hours on a battery. 

Use the inverter regularly

Using the inverter on a regular basis is crucial for its performance. This is also important because not using the inverter system regularly can damage the batteries which would render your inverter unit unusable.

So, at least use the inverter once every month, and ensure that the battery is completed depleted and charge it up again fully. This way both your inverter and battery would be in top shape for years to come. 

Keeping it away from fire and smoke

Keep your inverter in a place that is no where near a fire or smoke source. This is not only important to prevent permanent damage to the unit, but also to ensure the safety of your home, as it could lead to sparks which can end up causing a fire hazard. 

Don’t overload the inverter

Every inverter comes with a maximum capacity, and it’s important that you know how much power you can draw from the inverter during an outage. Never overload your inverter with additional devices and equipments than it is designed to handle.

So, as a precaution, you should unplug every device that you don’t intend to use during a power cut to ensure optimal performance from your inverter unit. 

Keep a check on the battery 

Just like the right battery can increase the life of your inverter, a faulty one can create dangerous situations you want to avoid. A faulty battery will not only impact the overall service life of your inverter but can cause safety hazards.

So, if you want to increase the lifespan of your inverter, then replace faulty batteries as soon as you can before it can cause any damage to the inverter. 

Keep it clean and airy

Ensure that the inverters is clean and kept in an airy space. Don’t put the inverters in a cramped space where there is a possibility of overheating for both the inverters and the battery. Do this to ensure safety and optimal performance of the inverters. 

Follow these simple tips and you will see the lifespan of your inverters unit increase by leaps and bounds. Since it is an electrical device that automatically takes control whenever power goes out, it’s possible that we forget about its presence unlike other devices that are in front of us all the time. 

Now that know what to do, it’s likely you would want to know where to find the best inverters for your home. Luminous has an impressive lineup of world-class inverters available across a range of budget and power requirements.

So, if you are looking for one, then do check out their complete range manufactured using the highest quality components. 

In the end, here’s some advice – Always, buy good quality inverters from reliable manufacturers to get maximum value for your money! 

Murtaza Ali

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