Today people have the luxury of making everything artful. From a Megan Hess coffee cup to designer tote bags, they prefer all things artistic. Earlier, art was not accessible like it is today. It would be locked up in a vault or a museum for a few to view and enjoy. Today that is not the case.

       Thankfully, one can enjoy sublime art while incorporating it into one’s daily life. Art is wearable today, making it easily accessible for the masses and helps it receive the appreciation it deserves. 

The appreciation for finer things in life need not stop at visits to an art gallery. One can bring the art home in products that one uses. 

Why Do People Enjoy Beauty in Essentials?

       Tastes are well-formed, and people have developed aesthetic preferences. Because of this quality, they prefer that all things they possess must have a sense of individualism and artistry. Wanting everything one owns to be beautiful sends a message of how passionate one is about life in general. Buying a tote bag is not just about utility anymore. It is also about expressing one’s stylistic preferences. 

The Everyday Things That Can Express Artistic Preferences are:

Illustrated Books:

       One of the first things one can do if they have a favourite artist or illustrator is to buy their books. It is a personal, tangible object. It helps one to feel, touch, and enjoy a piece of art. It is just not the same as viewing art pages on Instagram. Sure, they seem intriguing, but owning a piece of beauty adds to the effect that art has on the viewer. 

       Buying an illustrated book shows respect and love for the artists’ labour. The book contains hours, days, and months of painstakingly hard work that the artist has put in. Not only that, the buyer or viewer has an opportunity to enjoy a beautiful piece that tells a story. 

Artistic Coffee Cups:

       Why drink coffee in a regular cup when one can do it in style? That is what a Megan Hess coffee cup does. Buying designer, decorated, or art engraved cups helps one to look good while drinking them. 

       These cups also come with the benefit of being reusable. The environmental impact of using disposable cups is shocking. Billions of tonnes of plastic released into the ecosystem is a direct result of using disposable utilities. Instead, if one chooses to use a steel straw or a reusable cup, they are doing a favour for themselves and the environment. 

These cups are available in a wide range of materials like wood, porcelain, etc. They are easy to clean and maintain. Although they might be expensive, they are still an investment as they will last a long time. 


Tote Bags and Scarves:

       Tote bags, because of their considerable size, are a great canvas to display art. Bags with their durable material and function make ideal choices to express one’s style quotient. Whether one is a floral design lover or a line sketch work fanatic, there are designs for all. 

Scarves have several purposes. One could either use it in the classic sense as a stylish drape around their neck. One could use it to cover their hair to both protect the hairdo and to avoid frizz. Or by imitating fashion tips, one can even tie it around the sling of their tote bags for added glamour. 


What is life if not for the beauty in it? All human beings crave beautiful things. It is among the most basic cravings people have. So it is fulfilling to watch and derive meanings from any artwork. Adding these seemingly small fashion elements makes a considerable impact on the whole look. It makes the difference between one appearing as effortlessly stylish and disinterested.  

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