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All you need to know about anger management in Singapore

Anger is one of the scariest and consuming emotions that harms both ways! If you have uncontrollable anger issues, you would know how different you become in that state of mind, wouldn’t you? Well, most people experience this issue these days, given the increasing peer pressure in this competitive world is not easy! But you can learn to manage it with the help of the Anger Management Singapore program. Yes, people with a calm and composed mind do not inherit this capability from their ancestors. It is something you achieve by learning how to balance and control your emotions.

There is a reason why Singapore has the highest life expectancy in the world! Because here people are so well aware of their emotional needs and the health care sector is also advanced. If you go to any session of anger management in Singapore, you will understand how medically enhanced the program is! It tailors our emotions and trains us to regulate our emotions to the extent it does not harm anybody. You should know everything about this program and also suggest your friends and family for a better living.

Anger makes us lose rational control over our actions and thoughts.

Anger Management Singapore: A Counselling Therapy

Anger is the fierce and intense emotion that you feel against any person, provocation or perceived threat. The extreme intensity of this emotion is what we call “rage”. People with this condition are likely to have detrimental effects on their health and their loved ones. It becomes a serious problem and can take any harmful form depending upon your mindset. Anger Management Singapore is a counselling therapy that prevents all these things.

It is a long-running therapeutic program in Singapore where people with serious anger issues can get healed. While a few people have natural aggression, you might get this condition due to various reasons. Lost career opportunities, the regret of losing someone, noting being able to handle things, not getting things done just like you wanted, unfulfilled emotional needs may also have a passive effect on you. You can go for Anger Management Singapore in all these severe conditions.

Problems & Issues Dealt In Anger Management Program

Anger Management Singapore is a well-integrated program of numerous therapies. The professionals judge every patient’s condition and use appropriate techniques to heal them. Reprocessing therapy, eye-movement desensitisation and cognitive behavioural therapy, etc., are some of the most effective techniques.

Chronic Anger

Chronic anger is a long-term condition, and patients with this condition are in a critical condition. They overreact, get annoyed and lose control easily. Anger Management Singapore can help this condition with medically proven techniques and counselling therapies.

Aggressive Anger

Aggressive anger is a critical condition since it is destructive and unhealthy. It induces people to cause harm to the ones they deem to be unfaithful to them. This is a serious condition and can lead to unfavourable circumstances. Anger Management Singapore is a must and urgent for people suffering from this gripping problem.

Passive Anger

Passive anger leads one to feel apathy, disgust and anger toward people who have hurt them. This is usually a long-term condition and does not always lead to aggression. Most people do not even identify the emotions they are feeling in this condition is nothing but anger. Long-term grudges, unexpressed emotions and uncontrollable pain lead to this issue.

Intermittent Explosive Disorder (IED)

IED is a psychological and clinical condition. It is the severest form dealt with the help of Anger Management Singapore therapies. People in this condition experience uncontrollable rage episodes that may lead to any unexpected reaction from them. Patients may lose their career, relationships and lifestyle to this problem.

Bottom Line: Know When To Seek Help

Every person gets angry, and it is not a distinct emotion, anyway! So, you are likely to feel angry, but how do you judge if it is getting worse or not? You should be able to identify your condition before it becomes a serious medical condition. To do so, you must ask yourself these series of questions.

  • Do I often flare up and lose control quickly?
  • Does every tiny matter irritate me?
  • Is my anger creating a problem in my professional and personal life?
  • Do people often tell me to calm down?
  • Do I feel guilty after my outburst due to my anger issues?
  • Do I find it challenging to soothe myself after feeling angry?
  • Do I often feel like lashing out at people both physically and mentally?
  • Do negative and toxic thoughts cross my mind when I am angry?

If the answers to most of these questions are yes, you must go for Anger Management Singapore therapy. The process will help you gently get over your challenges. The ability to express our emotions is what makes us human! But it is our responsibility to learn how to bridle them up as per the situation. Anger management therapy will help you in every possible way to achieve that control!

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