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All You Need to Know About AWD Sedans and Their Maintenance

Majority of the passenger cars available today are the four-by-four varieties that unevenly divide the engine’s torque to the two wheels on the front. On the contrary, cars that feature the All-Wheel-Drive (AWD) facility ensure even distribution of power to each wheel of the car. Popular car makers produce AWD sedans that offer outstanding grip and maximum user comfort. Owing to AWD cars’ popularity from leading manufacturers like Subaru, there is also a growing demand for Subaru genuine parts as many competitors have entered the car parts market. The replacement of even a single component can significantly impact the overall performance of a car. Now, let us see some of the significant specifications of AWD sedans and their maintenance.


· Irrespective of the climatic conditions, the All-Wheel-Drive system delivers the best performance consistently on any road. This system is often best suited for travel during adverse climatic conditions like snow/heavy rain as it ensures the first-rate traction on the tires. They are the perfect choice for driving off-road and even on slippery surfaces. Also, an even distribution of torque to all the wheels guarantees stability and efficiency.

· Unique brands offer highly efficient boxer engines which further optimises the on-road experience for the drivers. The symmetrical arrangement of pistons in the boxer engine allows it to perform its function seamlessly as they do not offer any chance for engine vibration. The engine’s light design and optimal height maintenance are reasons for the vehicle’s low centre of gravity. Boxer engines are known for their extreme durability and are suitable even for users who do not drive daily.

· Cars that feature AWD systems significantly diminish any chance of tire spinning. The system’s capacity to divide torque evenly helps maintain each tire’s stability while accelerating through steep curves.

· In the case of electrified AWD cars, all the four wheels are powered continuously, as every single axle has a separate electric motor. This feature enhances traction and overall stability while saving up space as there is no need for a transmission channel.



· Since expert racers are always on the move to accelerate; users should also consider upgrading the car’s brakes. To prevent brake fade resulting from excess heat, replace the regular brakes with racing brakes. These are relatively lighter and cooler and offer optimum handling capacity.

· For optimum engine function, one needs to regularly check on its condition and certain other factors like fuel additives, oil pump and oil filters. If there is any contamination of the engine with carbon remnants, one should buy premium quality engine cleaners from authorised suppliers to ensure good performance. This effort will also help reduce pollution significantly.

· Most of the AWD cars are turbo-enabled, and because of this, ECU-related products are top-rated in the aftermarket since a good round of tuning can bring out the best in turbocharged cars.

· Regular oil change is mandatory to ensure the longevity of every car. Each time you change the oil, it is best to replace the car’s oil filter to maintain optimum motor performance for a more extended period.

While owning a car can be a considerable advantage, it is also essential to know how to care for it correctly. By employing only genuine parts in one’s repair and maintenance work, the car’s condition remains untarnished for longer, making them a worthwhile investment. Thus, one should always approach authorised suppliers who provide Subaru genuine parts while looking to replace/upgrade the performance parts.

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