Apple Watch: Which is the best of 2020?

Apple Watch range of technology products is very wide and varied: from its famous iPhone phones to iMac and Macbook computers, including its iPad tablet models . All of them have the common denominator of durability, quality of components and operating systems. But, in addition, Apple also offers another less conventional product.

Smart watches emerged not so long ago. Apple wanted, again, to apply itself thoroughly by creating its own range – the Leather Apple Watch Bands – with the best features and specifications on the market. Now it is possible to carry the phone, WhatsApp, social networks, calendar, a heart rate monitor and, of course, the watch on the wrist. All in a single device.

The most important

  • The Leather Apple Watch Bands is a multi-function smartwatch developed by Apple. It allows compatibility with other brand devices and allows, among other functionalities: talking on the phone, using WhatsApp, measuring heart rate or checking email.
  • Apple Watch models run on different versions of the watchOS operating system, developed specifically by Apple for its range of smart watches.
  • The variety of Apple Watch models allows you to choose the most suitable for each person. For example, the Edition or Nike versions are ideal for classic users and athletes, respectively.

What features differentiate Apple Watch from other smartwatches?

On the one hand, as we have already seen, the operating system: watchOS versus Android or similar. But there is more. From the point of view of the structure and aesthetics of the watch, Apple Watch uses premium materials and highly stylized finishes. The outer case of the Edition version of the Apple Watch Series 5 is made of titanium and ceramic.

In addition, Apple allows the customization of the bracelets for almost all its versions, being able to choose from a wide range of materials and appearances: more sporty, more classic, more colorful or more youthful, for example. Another advantage of Apple Watch over other smartwatches is the GPS and the Retina display with high quality colors.

The use that we are going to give the Apple Watch

It is probably the criterion by which we must begin. Once this question is resolved, the others – the size, the appearance and certain functionalities – will be associated with the use that we are going to give our Apple Watch. Thus, in the first place it is necessary to decide if the main use is going to be sports, ordinary or mixed. That will determine other factors.

As we saw, for recreational use there are special editions with more sporty finishes. There are also more elegant models and editions, designed for daily use in the office or at social events. In addition, for each moment of the day we will need to prioritize certain functions: listening to music for sports and being connected to the Internet while we work.

Murtaza Ali

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