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Posts published by “Wajazali”

Wajazali is a passionate writer and blogger who has been writing about the latest developments in the field of technology for over 3 years. His articles are published on, which he administers as well. Wajazali is also involved with various other projects to help people learn how to manage their own online marketing campaigns.

How A Blockchain-Enabled Metaverse Is Revolutionizng Esports

In this era of the Metaverse and hyper connectivity, the largest global tech companies are preparing for an imminent digital transformation of virtually all aspects of living and commerce. The esports industry is no exception, and its players (pun intended) are now waking up to…

Crucial Marketing Trends to Promote SpotifySong with More Efficiency

Spotify is becoming one of the most competitive music streaming platforms where most music artists are trying to gain more exposure. Every artist needs to promote Spotify song in order to gain more popularity and listeners as well. Get to know the crucial marketing aspects of Spotify…