Best home remedies for sunburn relief with all-natural ingredients

Summers that we have here in India can be harsh for the skin. Actually, the direct sun is bad for the whole body, but the results are ultimately and prominently reflected on the skin itself. Sun gives out ultraviolet rays, which are definitely harmful and dangerous to health. So, the overexposure to the sun has ill effects on the overall well being of a human. Good for us that although we are a hot country that faces the direct sun during the summer season, our country is also packed with lots of home remedies and natural ingredients that keep skin problems at bay.

We rely much on natural ingredients when it comes to curing problems related to the body. We even possess age-old home remedies for our ancestors who tried and tested different ingredients and laid down the advantages of each one of them. Thankfully we have just the right ingredient for any type of issue.

One such major issue in the summertime is the sunburns. Some people may be more sensitive to the sun as compared to others, and they often get sunburnt after staying out in the sun. It is actually one of the most common issues that can actually be skin damage that is irreparable. The intensity of the sunburn can vary the problem. Like the mild burn causes redness on the skin followed by itching and irritation, while the severe one can lead to swelling and peeling of the skin. It can happen to anyone, and if you are currently suffering from one, here is a little help. I have created some home remedies for the same. You don’t need to run to the cosmetic shop. Justbuy plants online (if needed) that are mentioned below because all the ingredients mentioned here are natural.


Our first ingredient or product is honey, which I think is available in every kitchen. Talking about the properties of honey, it is an all-natural moisturizer, is anti-inflammatory, and also antibacterial. This makes honey a multi-taker. It can handle multi skincare issues, and most importantly, these properties can soothe your sunburn instantly. For the relief, apply little honey on the affected or the burnt area and rub it to absorb in. Do this process for about 2-3 times a day to get rid of itchiness and pain in no time.

Aloe Vera

Another magic ingredient that is beneficial in this cause is aloe Vera. It has cooling effects and is a healer too. So. Pluck out fresh aloe Vera leaves and split it into half. The thick gel-like substance flowing out is your medicine. Apple directly on the affected area, it will calm your irritated skin. It is easy to grow the plant. You canbuy Indoor plants online and put it in your garden to use it fresh whenever you want. Repeat it 2-3 times a day.

Sandalwood paste

It is a very commonly known fact that sandalwood or Chandan has a majorly cooling property. It gives a cooling effect and soothes the burning sensation or irritation caused by the burn. So, mix sandalwood powder with ice-cold water to make a paste. Apply directly to the concerned area. Let it dry before washing off. Also, since Chandan has anti-aging properties, it will be an ideal ingredient to reverse the aging process caused due to excessive sun.

Baking soda

Fond of cakes? Then you will definitely have some baking soda left at your house. Time to put that in use. Mix some baking soda with ice-cold water to form a paste-like consistency. Gently apply the paste on the burnt area and keep it for at least 10 to 15 minutes. Now, gently wash off the application, keep in mind that you don’t try to rub in the mixture on the affected area.

So, these are the ingredients that are proven to cure your sunburnt skin condition. Nothing on the list is too expensive or unique that you won’t find in the market. Everything is easily available, and I am guessing, most of them are already available in your house.

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