Buyer’s Guide: Key Aspects of Beachfront House Designs

In recent times, there is an affinity for people to live closer to the city and heart of Sydney for its capital growth potential, but they also tend to be constricted apartment blocks mostly. So, the most popular answer to the question, “Which is the most peaceful and prosperous place to live in Sydney?” is the Northern Beaches. It forms the main coastal attraction in New South Wales, Australia, just 40 km from the city of Sydney.

The luxury houses for sale in Northern Beaches are known for their large-scale properties with swimming pools, tennis courts and more. But that does not mean that the place is only suitable for millionaires. There are a wide variety of houses that are suitable for everyone. The Northern Beaches Council reported a resident population of over 270,000 in 2020 and is estimated to increase by 31,000 by 2041.

What Are the Key Features of Modern Beach Homes?

A beach house design incorporates coast-inspired elements such as streamlined design, open plan living, bright colours, natural materials and inspired textures. Let’s dive deep into each of them here:

  • Streamlined Interior and Exterior Design

As opposed to the ornate features often found in country homes, beach houses usually have simplistic features and layouts that easily flow through the home. People prefer square set cornices over coved designs, concealed cabinets, waterfall benchtops extending to the floor and consistent flooring through the home forming lines.

All the spaces have seamless connections between the interior and the exterior. This simplicity and symmetry is what makes these homes beautiful and reflect the beauty of the long-lined coasts. These designs focus on providing a relaxed and calm feeling that resonates with the seaside environment. 

  • Open-plan Living

The trend of living in open homes is growing in popularity in Australia at the moment. This is a move away from the concrete or wood covered homes with segregated rooms usually seen in city apartments.

Open-plan houses have interconnected living areas that can open to form larger spaces, all for a singular purpose. These houses allow people to live in flexible, large places that can be converted to open spaces for house parties or closed for more intimate experiences. The open-plan house designs accentuate the living space making them perfect for families with children who love to run around.

  • Glazed Window Views

One of the best aspects of living on the coast is the breathtaking view. So, what’s the point of buying a home on the beachfront if it doesn’t have a view? Therefore, these houses are usually designed with huge glass windows that can sometimes replace the wooden walls and doors to give a majestic view of the ocean and the never-ending coastline. Glass panes come with their challenges of getting dirty quickly, heating the house etc.

But, appropriate glazing eliminates these challenges and allows the residents to soak up the view while keeping the house cool. It is energy efficient and also makes the house look innovative.

  • Plenty of Ventilation and Natural Light

The windows and doors in beachfront houses usually have a glass finishing to allow all the natural light to fill the rooms during the day. The blinds, shutters and louvre windows help protect the residents from the harsh sun but allow the cool, calming and delightful breeze from the ocean to fill up the living space. This combination eliminates the extreme and brings a beautiful balance of natural elements of ventilation and lighting into the living area, which is usually missing in the cities.

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