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Carbon Offset: They care about our Environment

What are carbon offsets?

An offset purchased from their site, she says “is equal to one [metric] ton of carbon emissions that were not emitted. The term offset just means you’re using that ton to offset a ton you have put into the atmosphere. “Their emissions-reducing programs vary from planting trees to providing communities with clean-burning cook stoves.

To more than offset that cross-country flight, a consumer could pay $8.50 to a program in Honduras that replaces open fire cooking pits with custom-built brick and mortar stoves that require less wood to cook meals and funnel smoke outdoors via a chimney. Cool Effect estimates one new stove could reduce three metric tons of carbon emissions per year.

Who are Carbon Offset reviewer ?

They are Carbon Offset Review. They have started because of a growing interest in current environmental problems. Especially, they focus on the topic of Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Offset. They try to provide information on every aspect of this topic. Their aim is to ensure that our readers are provided with a reliable source of knowledge to be aware of this existing issue and that they know how to use this information in order to make our planet a little bit greener.

What Carbon Offset do?

With Their blog, we want to encourage readers to contribute to the desired change in our system. They can reduce our consumption and they can find green alternatives to things that are not so environmentally friendly. They also want to draw attention to the methods of carbon offset that already exist and how companies use them.

How do you find a reputable one?

“When offsets first came onto the market in the 90s, it was more of a Wild West period. There was a lot of variability in programs,” says Peter Miller, an expert in carbon offsets at the National Resources Defense Council.

Offsets entered the political conversation after the Kyoto Protocol, an international climate treaty, was signed in 1992, but Miller says growing awareness about climate change has led to their current popularity.

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