Cool Guns: 15 Unique Guns You Have To See

Before becoming a gun collector it’s a must to know the safety measures in handguns. With all the different guns to own, it’s easy to turn into a gun collector, especially if you’re a gun enthusiast. You might even become one of America’s super-owners, who have an average of 17 guns in their collection.

We can’t blame them. There’s a lot of historical, modern, and cool guns that are worth owning.

If you’re in the market or you’re only interested in learning about this stuff, take a look at the unique guns below that represent human inventiveness the best.

1. Magpul FMG9

The Magpul FMG9 is a prototype for folding submachine guns. It’s meant for concealed carry as a personal protection weapon for the Secret Service. It’s cool, but it’s not one of the cool guns to own.

It folds into something that doesn’t resemble a submachine gun or any gun, for that matter. It looks like an unassuming laptop battery or a small package you can fit in your pocket. 

When unfolded, though, it extends from around 10 inches to almost 20 inches with a rate of fire of 1200 rpm. 

2. CornerShot Gun

In FPS games, it’s quite hard to shoot an enemy round the corner without exposing yourself. That’s how it is in real life, as well, and so the CornerShot gun came to life. 

The gun folds at a 90-degree angle so you can use it around the corners. You can fire it behind cover while aiming at enemies using digital cameras. It’s also effective as a surveillance tool because of the high-resolution camera. 

It comes in many variants, including a Glock, the Beretta 92F, the standard pistol, a grenade launcher, and more. It also has an assortment of accessories, like audio/video transmission kits, IR lasers, and such. 

3. Haight Fist Gun

If punching is your passion but you still need a gun for protection, check out the glove gun. You might have already seen it in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds. 

The Navy developed the Haight Fist Gun in 1943. It was for Naval excavators, who would often get ambushed while working through the jungle. 

They needed their hands free for work, but they also needed a gun at a moment’s notice. A glove gun seemed to be the best solution for that. 

With it, the workers would only need to ball up their first to fire at the Japanese invaders. 

4. Duck Foot Pistol

When you take a look at this gun, you’ll see right away why it’s the duck foot pistol. The name refers to how the three barrels of the gun form to look like a duck’s foot. 

That’s right, it has three barrels. They usually point in different directions depending on the variant. Another model even has one barrel pointing upward while the rest are facing the front. 

The gun can have up to six barrels, though. We guess it depends on the number of enemies back then. 

5. PHASR Rifle

The PHASR rifle, which stands for personnel halting and stimulation response rifle, is a laser gun developed by the Department of Defense. It looks something out of a video game, what with its humongous form.

It’s non-lethal, though. Its primary purpose is to temporarily blind a target and disorient them. 

The UN banned blinding laser weapons in the past. However, this one doesn’t count because the blinding effect is only temporary. 

6. LeMat Revolver

The LeMat revolver goes by another name, the grapeshot revolver. This is because of how it can transform in an instant from a nine-shot revolver to a single shot shotgun. 

It has a nine-shot cylinder that houses .42-caliber rounds. Then, there’s a bigger barrel underneath with a 15-gauge shotgun round. 

To switch between the two modes, all you have to do is pull the firing pin up or down. Up is for the revolver and down is for the shotgun. Then, you fire the same trigger for either mode. 

7. Cemetery Guns

People came up with creative solutions for their problems back in the day. These guns were for thieves who stole corpses to sell to medical schools. At the time, a law forbidding schools to buy cadavers created a scarcity, which then created a huge gaping opportunity for grave robbers. 

Rich people then used cemetery guns to ward off (and kill) these robbers. Tripwires surrounded the grave, and when activated, the gun turned to the thief and fired. 

They were soon banned, so people turned to landmines instead. Coffins would carry out a deadly explosion when opened. That’s a different story, though. 

8. Elgin Cutlass Pistol

Whether you’re going to a gun or a knife fight, you only need one weapon: the Elgin Cutlass Pistol. It’s a .54-caliber pistol with a Bowie knife. 

The creator, George Elgin, designed it to give the bearer a tactical advantage in both long-range and short-range situations. They could switch between shooting and stabbing someone with ease. 

The Navy took an interest in soon after and ordered 150 of these pistols for their sailors. That’s about it, though, and no more orders followed. 

9. Apache Revolver

The Apache Revolver would scoff at the Elgin Cutlass pistol, though. This one took things one step further and added brass knuckles, so now you can have a weapon for a gunfight, fistfight, and knife fight. 

It doesn’t have a barrel, so the bullet only goes through the hole in the upper frame. The blade is thin and small, not as big as the Bowie knife. As such, it’s easier to conceal. 

Then there are the brass knuckles with nothing special about it. 

The great thing about it is that it folds unto itself like a Swiss army knife. You can pick the best weapon for the moment or you can unfold it all. 

10. XM25 CDTE

The XM25 CDTE was a high-tech grenade launcher that shoots a spinning grenade. The spiral rotations had a purpose, and it’s to track the distance it had traveled by the number of rotations. 

This allowed it to detonate when at the distance specified by the user, hitting the target. 

The user of the gun determined the distance to the target using a laser rangefinder in the weapon. The user could also manually adjust the distance. 

11. Gyrojet Rocket Gun

The Gyrojet Rocket Gun, as the name implies, fires rockets rather than bullets. The rockets, called Microjets, are only 12 mm or 13 mm in size, though, so you could fit the gun in your pocket. 

It presented many advantages to your usual handgun. First off, it was incredibly light because it didn’t have to stand the usual stresses of firing bullets. It also didn’t have recoil and it has a little report. 

Its disadvantages outnumbered the advantages, though. It didn’t make it to the market due to slow reloading and lack of accuracy. 

12. Key Gun

You’ve heard of a knife and gun, the knife/brass knuckles/gun combination, as well as a gun and glove. Now, get ready for a key and a gun. 

The key gun takes the form of a key. At first glance, you might not take it as a gun due to how inconspicuous it looks. 

It was for jailers, although we aren’t sure today how it’s supposed to work. One theory is that the jailer could light a cigar and then put it in a hole to fire the gun. 

13. Punt Gun

The late 1800s to early 1900s weren’t good years for ducks because of the punt gun. Hunters used it to kill around 50 ducks at once. Hunters would often gather and fire their punt guns all at once, sometimes capturing up to 500 ducks. 

It was a big gun with a barrel ranging from 11 to 13 feet. As such, hunters would affix it to their boats. Its shots weighed around a pound, and the recoil was strong enough to push the boat backward by a few inches. 

The punt gun was so effective that the duck population declined so much so that states started banning them. 

14. Zip Pistol

The Zip gun has a horrendous reputation as being one of the worst guns ever. No one can’t deny it’s unique, though.

One of its standout features is its polymer body. It uses plastic to leave space for customization options, like AR 15 stock for ARs.

It has an unconventional shape, so you’ll know it’s a bad gun when you see it. 

The creator intended it to be a futuristic gun. It might have been a hit if it weren’t for its unreliability and tendency to blow up in the hands of the user. 

15. Armatix iP1

The Armatix iP1 makes sure not anyone can fire it without knowledge and permission. It requires a watch to be within 25 cm of it to fire. The watch is fingerprint-enabled, too, so only the authorized person should be able to fire it. 

It feels futuristic, and its looks contribute a large part to that. The semi-automatic gun has a smooth form and rounded corners, looking something like a high-tech alien organization would use. 

Find More Unique and Cool Guns

The guns above are only some of the numerous cool guns out there. With the ingenuity of humans, we’re sure there are tons more interesting guns that have existed.

But why stop here when there are even more cool guns to discuss and discover? If you want more information on some of the best guns in the market, don’t hesitate to check out our library of posts and guides today.

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