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Custom Candle Boxes

Our dedication to the highest quality and our advanced printing equipment are enough to provide you with the most beautiful custom candle boxes. We have uncountable design options at your disposal and our additional printing options like embossing, debossing and foiling help your logo come alive. We are committed to paying utmost attention to every smallest detail so that the final picture speaks of the hard work involved at every step.

Candles radiate serenity. They are loved for the atmosphere they create with a small flickering flame around them. And when it comes to scented candles specifically, the calmness they spread is simply irresistible. Moreover, these are deemed as a perfect gift for the loved ones.

It is because of this relaxing feeling associated with the candles that they are always in demand. Candle making companies have always been facing a tough competition. They have to be extra innovative in order to stand on sound footings in the market.

One of the most important marketing tools candle making companies are using is the innovative retail packaging. Just as exquisite the candles themselves are, they demand an equally alluring, and aesthetically appealing packaging. The box opening experience especially associated with the e-commerce is extremely important in creating that first impression which will stay with the customer for ever.

Personalized packaging is an unavoidable tool today if you are to create a brand identity, and not only gain a customer base but also retain it. Brand identity and brand loyalty both are highly dependant on how you present your product. Besides acting as an advertisement tool, custom candle boxes must be capable of safeguarding the candles inside. Since candles are a fragile product and can be damaged during long transits until they reach the end user, the packages need to be sturdy enough to protect them against damage.

So, a perfect custom candle box will be the one which combines the traits of aesthetics and safety. It should be capable of providing your company with a unique identity and safeguarding your product at the same time.

Choose Between a Numbers of Design Variations

At Custom Boxes World UK we offer an array of options in box designs. Custom candle boxes can be made in huge number of designs, shapes, and sizes. Some of the very popular options include the enchanting pyramid candle boxes, the jar candle boxes, window candle boxes, and many more.

Moreover, the designs can be completely customized depending on your particular requirements. You can turn your custom candle boxes into gift boxes by adding additional accessories like flowers, bows, ribbons, laces, and beads etc. Die cutting, perforation, gluing, and scoring are among the available options. We do not charge anything for die and plate.

If you are confused about which box design you should select among such a huge variety, it is always recommended to ask an expert. Our experienced graphic designing experts will help you pick the most suitable option according to your needs. Above all they don’t charge anything for design consultation.

We Offer the Sturdiest Stock for Utmost Protection

We understand that the candles are a delicate product made with love and dedication. Hence they need to be given utmost protection through a strong box. We offer 10pt stock to 28pt stock for custom candle boxes. Our boxes are durable and sturdy.

They are especially suitable for today’s e-commerce business as they can bear the challenges of traveling long distances and facing rough handling. Our boxes don’t lose their shape too easily and are strong enough to protect the item inside. When it comes to type of stock your boxes can be made with box board, e-flute corrugated stock, cardstock, or eco-friendly Kraft material. We provide bath bomb packaging supplies on wholesale with free designing and shipment.

Attention to Every Detail is guaranteed

At Custom Boxes World UK, we are committed to excellence and that is the reason we pay special attention to even the minutest details. This is because we understand how the small efforts combine up to give bigger results. Whether it is about font selection, text placement, lettering, colour combinations, or finial finishing, we make sure every aspect is given due attention.

To ensure the most professional results, we do not give our designers more than one task at a time. They won’t take another order until they are done with yours. This ensures dedication for every single order. Moreover, we are very conscious about such details as the box size, shape, edge cutting, etc. Our goal is to provide you with a box which perfectly molds to the specific dimensions of your candles. Our boxes aren’t too big to give a clumsy look, nor too tight to damage the candles inside. They are just the perfect match.

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