Cybersecurity Myths Busted

Every business, no matter what size it is or what sector it falls into or even how it sells its goods and services, must be aware that cybercrime is becoming more and more problematic. The good news is that there are a number of different ways that this threat can be neutralized, or at least made much less of an issue. But before these measures can be put in place, business owners need to understand more about what cybercrime is and how it can affect their business.

There are many different myths around that mean understanding the ins and outs of cybercrime and what cybercriminals do is sometimes a challenge, and getting to the truth of these myths is crucial. Read on for more information.

Managing IT In-house Is A Good Solution

Some businesses, particularly those on a small budget or that have only just launched, will often try to keep their IT support and management in-house. However, this is not a good solution to cybercrime unless you are a very large business that can dedicate an entire work department to IT, and even then, it still may not be enough.

The best solution is to outsource your IT support. Not only is it often less expensive (you won’t have to pay anyone’s salary, for example), but it also means that you can have dedicated experts taking care of your cybersecurity needs. They will have all the most up-to-date software and they’ll be quick to react to any issue. Outsourcing IT is the best option when it comes to keeping your system secure.

There’s Nothing Worth Protecting

You might think that investing time and money in cybersecurity methods isn’t worth it because your data isn’t going to be of interest to any cybercriminal. The problem is, this is rarely the case – a cybercriminal can use any piece of information, big or small, for illegal means. You might not store sensitive data on your systems, that’s true, but what about your banking details? What about your social media profiles? There is plenty of information that would make hacking into your system worthwhile.

Even if there really is nothing, which is unlikely, no cybercriminal is going to know that so attempts will still be made to break in. Systems can be breached and files corrupted, making it hard to run your business.

Phishing Scams Are Easy To Spot

Some phishing scams are easy to spot – an email from a prince in a far-off country telling you you’re in line to inherit millions just doesn’t cut it anymore, at least in most cases. We all know it’s a scam. Yet that doesn’t mean that all phishing scams are easy to spot, and some are so realistic that many people who thought they would never be taken in in such a way have fallen for the cybercriminal’s fraud.

This is why it’s wise to invest in cybersecurity. Some scams will still make it through, but many suspicious emails will be blocked and trashed and you won’t have to worry about them. Plus, with the right cybersecurity training, you and your team will be much more able to see through even the ‘best’ of scams.

Albert Cook

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