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Difference between Car Tyres, SUV tyres and LT tyres with examples

Car Tyres

Car tyres .LT tyres and SUV tyres are totally different from each other because each has different usage. Without wasting any time explaining how important tyres are and how the tyre industry has evolved over the years, let’s get into our main topic and explore the different types of tyres.

Car tyres

Car tyres are engineered to give a smooth and comfortable ride to drivers when driving on highways and roads. Maintaining traction in wet conditions, these have a high-speed rating and are usually cost less than SUV tyres and LT tyres. Car tyres cannot be driven on rough terrains because the tread is kept smooth and soft to create comfort in rides.

You can find various categories in car tyres including touring, all-season, winter, performance and ultra-high performance tyres.

Dunlop SP Sport LM705 

A perfect touring tyre for sedans — Dunlop SP Sport LM 705 offers the ideal balance of durability and comfort. Providing superior handling, long mileage and quiet rides, these tyres give an unmatchable experience when driven on highways and roads. Suppressing all the vibrations made by bumps and jerks, SP Sport LM705 minimizes the noise inside the car cabin to give extremely comfortable and smooth drives. The touring tyre holds a reputation for being the best tyre for quiet rides.

SUV tyres

SUV tyres are different from car tyres because SUVs are different from sedans, coupes and high-performance cars. These cars designed to provide a comfortable driving experience or to offer high-speed driving, while SUVs are designed to carry out a variety of tasks including off-road driving, towing, cargo-hauling and much more. These tasks are further supported by powerful suspensions and 4×4 drivetrain system. So, two more categories are introduced in its lineup including all-terrain tyres and off-road tyres.

All-terrain tyres are for people who drive on both highways and uneven terrains, while mud tyres are for people who drive in extremely tough conditions such as climbing huge rocks or taking the car through sticky mud.

Tyre manufacturers keep the tread of SUV tyres strong and powerful so it can endure the tough conditions and resist against hydroplaning and skidding to maintain the optimal levels of traction.


GRANDTREK AT23, which is an all-season tire, is ideal for owners of SUVs and CUVs who are seeking a blend of on-road features such as durability and all-season versatility. The tyre is also perfect for car enthusiasts as it provides remarkable traction on both dry and wet surfaces. Developed to provide a year-round performance, the all-season tire performs well on a variety of surfaces and weather conditions ensuring comfortable and safe rides.  

Light truck tyres

Light truck tyres are designed for vehicles such as pick-up trucks and commercial vans. The focus is to provide great value to the commercial drivers, from hauling sizable items to towing heavy trailers. These can perform a variety of tasks. Coming in a few categories including all-terrain tyres, highway tyres and off-road tyres, light truck tyres prices are a bit high than the other two types.

Highway light truck tyres are for the commercial truck which has highway routes and don’t travel on rough terrains. For trucks which drive on uneven terrains, all-terrain LT tyres and off-road LT tyres are great.

Dunlop SP LT33

Dunlop SP LT33 can be used on numerous light trucks including pick-ups and minibuses. These are engineered to provide a long wear life and casing durability along with a low operational cost. The wide shoulder ribs on SP LT 33 enhance smooth performance when the vehicle reaches high speed.

Featuring broad shoulder ribs, these tyres prevent irregular wear. The premium tyre has a 5-ribbed pattern which enhances handling performance and gives better steering response. Offering a long tyre life, the tyre features high rubber to void ratio which increases the chances of even tread wear.

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