Dmytro Shymkiv: In the future people will have personalized medicinal care and DNA editing in accordance with individual needs

In the near future medicine is expected to enter a level that allows to personalize services delivered to a specific person in accordance with their individual needs. Dmytro Shymkiv, the chairman of the Darnitsa Group Board of Directors, told this in his interview to Oleksandr Komarov, the president of “Kyivstar”.

He reminded that today there are quite a few gadgets already available that collect data about the health condition of its owner and may forecast possible risks of developing an illness in a specific person. This is what is going to lead to the development of a personalised medicine, when a remedy and the dosage are defined based on the individual characteristics of a patient. And thanks to the rapidly developing technology of editing the genome, there will be medicines created to prevent certain problems in a specific person or a group of people. The top manager has stated confidently that the world is now moving towards prescribing treatment and selecting therapy for a specific individual precisely, enhancing the doctor’s focus on solving a concrete problem in a concrete patient and what’s more important – foreseeing it.

According to Dmytro Shymkiv, in the future the primary info about a patient will be collected by a “digital humans” system, not the actual medical workers. This system is going to give a doctor access to  a new quality-wise level of therapy for this or another person. This system may become an effective tool. A doctor will not  have to spend their time interrogating a patient about their condition or symptoms. The doctor will get the complete information at once and will just have to decide what to do next. Simultaneously, the role of the doctor gains more significance, as they can concentrate specifically on treating a patient and not get distracted by collecting the info that a system may provide. 

It’s worth noting, as the chairman of the Darnitsa Group Board of Directors says, that it wouldn’t have been possible without advancement of telecom companies that allowed humans to receive quick access to information and knowledge from any point on the planet. Telecommunications have played a significant role in the process of educating people and giving them access to information. They continue doing that even now – anyone with any income can find any info anywhere. Due to the influence of telecommunications and the Internet, society stopped being hierarchical when it comes to accessing information and education. The top manager also pointed out that such companies like “Kyivstar” provide people with endless opportunities and move the world into a qualitatively higher level. 

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