Eliminate Virus From Water And Live Disease-Free Life

Water is one of the fundamental things, and almost all the people living on planet earth need to consume water every day regularly. This is because it helps people to maintain proper hydration levels inside their body. As we all have read earlier that 65% of human body weight is of water, and water also plays an important role in their body as it helps maintain proper digestion, blood circulation, brain function, removal of body waste, and various other functions of our body.

But due to various human activities, water is getting contaminated, and consumption of contaminated water may lead to various kinds of health issues and in today’s situation where the whole world is facing critical Coronavirus issues, we all need to live a healthy lifestyle and in this drinking contamination-free water can play a significant role.

How To Eliminate Contamination From Water?

Although there are various water purification methods, and all of them have their benefits, here we will discuss one of the widely used water purification systems: a water purifier. This is one of the best and efficient ways of water purification. It can eliminate contamination like a virus, bacteria, fungus, and other dissolved contaminants from water.

There are various kinds of water purifiers in the Indian market, and all of them have their significance, which you can choose according to your water quality. Here are some of the conditions that will help you get the best water purification system for your home.

  • If your water contains a high concentration of microbial contamination like a virus, bacteria, fungus, or Protozoa, you should look for a UV technology-based water purification system. UV rays treat the water contamination properly and bring healthy water for the drinking purposes
  • If your regular used water contains a high concentration of dissolved salts, then a reverse osmosis technology-based water purification system can be the best option. A RO technology system removes all kinds of salts present in water based on their molecular size
  • Sometimes people receive water with both microbial and dissolved salts, so in that case, you should buy a water purification unit based on Doctor Fresh RO & UV. This water purifier can treat both total dissolved salts and microbial contamination present in the water

Benefits Of Having Water Purifier

This water purification system has multiple advantages, and some of them are

  • Eliminate Odor– However, water is naturally tasteless, but water impurities lead to the unpleasant odour; thus, it becomes tough for people to consume it. A water purification system eliminates odour from the water and makes it safe for the human consumption
  • Protect Your From Various Kinds Of Waterborne Diseases– Water may contain various kinds of contamination, which may lead to fatal health issues but having a significant water purification system can protect you from getting these kinds of disease-causing agents
  • Cost-Effective– Most of the people in India is dependent on bottled water for pure and healthy water, and this can be costly so purchasing water purifier can be cost-effective and affordable

How Much Water

It is another significant question which every person should know. Consuming proper concentration of water maintains the proper hydration, which helps you in living a healthy lifestyle. According to various reports, the optimum concentration of water depends upon people’s age, gender, and lifestyle.

Multiple medical professionals advise that a healthy adult male should regularly drink 3-4 litres of water daily, whereas a healthy adult female should drink 2.5-3.5 litres of water regularly daily.


Water is vital for all of us as the natural solvent; it can dissolve almost everything in it. This is why water has become home to various kinds of contamination, and these contaminants can be deadly. So purification of water has become essential for all of us to live a healthy lifestyle; as we have mentioned earlier, a water purification system can eliminate all kinds of contamination properly, making the water suitable for drinking. 

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