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Most people want to learn architecture, but they can’t spend time at school or work part-time. Also, housewives and young moms cannot learn graphic design due to the inflexible hours at schools.

Blue Sky Graphics can solve this problem now since it offers graphic design courses online in the UK! You master all the skills you need to be a graphic designer in your comfort zone and according to your schedule!

Graphic Design vs. Illustration

Two different artistic fields are graphic design and illustration. Yet often they overlap. Graphic design is usually seen more as commercial art. The illustration is primarily viewed as fine art. While illustration once dominated the creative world, today, graphic design has become a major component of contemporary culture. Graphic design is in the digital world everywhere. Many works of graphic design are regarded as a new form of art. Many logo designs by famous graphic designers, for instance, have become part of a tradition. In reality, illustration jobs are dissipating as graphic design becomes commonplace.

Graphic design is all about planning experiences and ideas and projecting them. A designer of graphics projects his ideas with textual and visual content. That is why graphic design is sometimes called communication design. A graphic designer can communicate by using virtual or physical tools for communication, such as images, graphic forms, and words. Graphic design is about creating images that require viewers to pay direct attention. The artist produces the photographs exclusively to carry the viewer’s attention to the drawn object. For this purpose only, all design elements are used.

All design elements incorporated in graphic design are mutually exclusive. But an accomplished designer knows which elements should first be centred and which should eventually be found.

An image is a visual description of a text. It may also be a decoration or a text interpretation. The illustration can simultaneously be a process or a concept. An example will generally be integrated into published media like magazines, books, posters, animations, teaching materials, flyers, video games, and movies.

An illustrator creates images. But these images don’t require the viewers to pay attention to a particular object on the lens. The viewer sees the entire lens and not a specific image or image. Such photos are made for us to work with.

The illustrator does not try to direct the viewers’ attention to the entire illustration. Nevertheless, the viewer is not disturbed by the illustrator. The illustrator adds the main illustration to the character. However, the goal is just to make it clear. The illustrators have no intention of focusing on it.

The task of an illustrator is, therefore, to provide a visual representation of a related text or idea. We can say, therefore, that an illustration is a drawing or an image. It may be an act of drawing or an example of something to prove or to describe. For example, an illustration is a picture with a magazine article.

Graphic design has a particular purpose and gives the people a message. To achieve this, the designer uses the power of the colours and typesetting, etc. to send the intended message to a group of visitors. In this way, the illustration does not intend to send a message or draw the attention of the viewer. The goal here is to present something in the form of art.

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