Tips to Remove Your Furniture Safely

When you are relocating to a new place, the biggest challenge, apart from finding a new residence, is to shift the belongings. Bigger items, in particular, need special attention since there is a risk of them getting damaged or causing damage to the property. Among them, heavy furniture deserves special attention.

The ideal approach would be to hire the best furniture removal Benicia services.

However, if you plan to do it on your own, here are some handy furniture removal tips you must follow:

Plan Comprehensively

First things first, you should make a plan. It should be comprehensive and mad after taking into account every single detail. It should also include the number of furniture items to be moved and their size. Also, the size of the place from where they are to be moved and the passageway must be taken into consideration.

Bear in mind that you alone won’t be able to handle the furniture removal or relocation process. So, if you are not in favour of taking the help of a professional company, you must call your friends for assistance. In this case, you should ask for their confirmation beforehand.

Gather Supplies

Before you plan your furniture relocation process, make sure that you have gathered the required supplies. You would need moving straps, furniture sliders, furniture dollies and other such equipment.

If you don’t already have these supplies, you would need to buy them. And this can disturb your budget a great deal. However, this is a one-time cost. Thus, you must not treat them as regular expenses. The other option is to get these supplies on rent.

Other than that, you must have an understanding of the use of these supplies. They require a certain level of expertise, skills and experience. If you can’t use them, they would prove to be of no use for you.

Divide into Smaller Parts

Most furniture articles such as beds can be divided into smaller parts. This will enable you to easily transport them. The pieces become lightweight. Furthermore, the risk of damage, both to the property and the furniture, also gets reduced.

Having said that, see that you know how to disassemble and assemble furniture articles properly. Only then you will be able to obtain benefits of this handy tip.

Use Proper Techniques to Carry Furniture

The relocation of furniture, particularly bigger pieces, require proper techniques and methods. They must be picked up and carried in a certain way. Not knowing and implementing these techniques can cause damage to the furniture article as there is a risk of it slipping from your hands. Furthermore, you can also get injured as well.

Therefore, you must know about the proper techniques to carry furniture items.

Use Blankets to Cover Them

There is a risk of your furniture getting scratched when removing it from home. It can greatly impact its appearance. And you may have to bear the expenses of getting it polished so that it doesn’t appear as a sore point in your new home’s décor.

A viable way to prevent this from happening is to cover it with blankets when moving. This will not only protect the furniture pieces from getting scratched but also make it easy for you to transport blankets to your new home.

Hire Professionals

As stated above, the ideal approach is to hire a company that specializes in furniture removal services. It may cost some extra but will certainly offer you enhanced peace of mind and satisfaction. Furthermore, there will be no risk of getting injured or the furniture and property suffering any kind of damage. Even if it would, it can be recovered since most companies are insured.

See that you are hiring a company that is licenced and have expertise in providing the required services. Do your diligence and ensure the company you have hired has a list of satisfied clients. You can take the help of the internet in this regard. There are numerous platforms and portals, including social media, where you can find real reviews and testimonials for companies that offer furniture removal services.

Get quotations from companies that serve in your area and compare their rates. Then, talk to their representatives and hire the best out of the lot. They will come with the required supplies and remove the heavy furniture from your home in the most professional way.

Either you can go through this extensive list of steps to find the best company or directly contact 3 Kings Hauling. It is the most reliable company in Benicia that can help you remove furniture or other heavy items, including appliances, from your home without any hassle.

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