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Get Oracle’s Industry-Recognized Certified Professional Credential by Getting 1Z0-931-20 Exam Dumps

Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 5.6 Database Administrator 1Z0-931-20 Exam dumps

The 1Z0-931-20 exam dumps are technical exam preparations designed for verifying and testing a professional’s skills to use the features of Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 5.6 for optimizing web and cloud-based applications. Professionals who are experts in such skills can take and pass this exam to get certified as Oracle professionals in Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 5.6 database administration. The 1Z0-931-20 dumps pdf focuses on topics such as backup, replication, optimization, and security. Experts recommend the hands-on experience of working with Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 and some job experience to pass the exam question.

General information on the 1Z0-931-20 Exam Questions

The Oracle 1Z0-931-20 dumps is a proctored exam prep that is technical. There will be one hundred questions on the exam. The exam will be an objective type of paper including MCQs 1Z0-931-20 exam questions. Options will be provided for every question. Candidates will have to select the best answer among the options. 120 minutes will be allotted to complete the exam. Candidates are advised to manage time and do not spend more than 1.5 minutes on each question. In order to pass the exam, candidates will have to score a minimum of 63% marks. Those who fail to get this score would fail and will have to retake the exam.

Exam topics:

The 1Z0-931-20 exam dumps will be based on the following dynamic topics. These are major areas and many other related topics might also be included.

  • Describe the options and considerations for migrating to ADB
  • Using SQL Developer to test data loading scenarios
  • Migrate to ADB using Data Pump
  • Migrate to ADB using Golden Gate
  • Supporting business users with Data Sync
  • Load data using DBMS_CLOUD
  • Monitoring Autonomous Database
  • Monitor ADB performance
  • Use services in ADB
  • Provisioning and Connectivity
  • Provision an Autonomous Database service
  • Find and download database credentials
  • Connect to an ADB service

1Z0-931-20 Training and preparation:

Training and extensive preparation is needed to get scores on 1Z0-931-20 exam questions. Candidates have to master the exam topics stated above and get information on the topics from various sources including web, guides, and textbooks. is offering 1Z0-931-20 exam dumps for Autonomous Database Cloud 2020 database administration that will help the aspiring candidates to get instant knowledge about all the major topics to be included in the Oracle 1Z0-931-20 exam questions.

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