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GogoPDF Web Tools to Handle 100% Safe and Straightforward: Electronic File

It hasn’t been easy to handle tons of electronic files, especially if it’s part of your job description at work. For people who don’t have enough knowledge about proper file management and no access to the right tools, even the simplest way of converting files to other formats will be very challenging.

Because of this, you need a system to smoothly and conveniently carry out all of your file tasks, and GogoPDF has a lot to offer to respond to your file needs. GogoPDF is a website that comes with various tools and services. Hence, read the full details below about GogoPDF web tools to handle your electronic files that are 100% safe and stress-free.  

Online PDF Merger

When you have tons of PDF files scattered on your smartphone or computer screen, it gets your file folders cluttered and disorganized. Here, you need to employ an effective PDF file organization, and GogoPDF has a perfect PDF merger tool for you. You may visit the actual website of GogoPDF to see how to merge PDF files free of charge. 

Yes, you’ve heard it right! It’s free, and you’ll not be paying any single penny for using the tool. It’s the PDF merger tool that will combine multiple PDFs, making them a single PDF file. Hence, you can merge those PDFs you usually use for the same purpose. It could be PDFs for work, school, business, or leisure. 

Combining them together will make it easier for you to look for a specific PDF file, and your computer folders will look well-organized. In fact, these are the reasons for using the PDF merger of GogoPDF. 

Online File Converter

When you’re looking for a specific file format, but you can’t find it on your smartphone or computer, that’s the time you’ll need the file conversion tool online on GogoPDF. Using the tool, you can transform your files in Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to a more fixed and reliable PDF format. 

Besides that, it can also convert files in JPG and HTML to PDF, and the PDF files to PNG. Check the website of GogoPDF to see other formats available for conversion that you may need for your tasks and projects in the future. 

You don’t have to worry about the conversion process because GogoPDF uses a reliable conversion system. That’s why it will only take a couple of minutes to process the conversion. You only have to follow the most simplified conversion procedure, tap the buttons, and your files get converted in no time. Hence, that’s the fastest way to convert your files in GogoPDF.  

Online PDF Protect

It has been a common problem for most PDF users when their files got accessed and used by someone they didn’t know. In this case, whatever valuable data and sensitive information your PDFs contain might be at risk. That’s why it’s your responsibility to protect your PDF files at all times as the rightful owner. 

Hence, you should set up a password for your PDF files for security purposes is the best solution to the problem. The process is pretty simple. Just go to the website of GogoPDF and get your files uploaded. Create and personalize a secure password, incorporating different numerals, capital and small letters, and other symbols. 

Please wait for a couple of minutes while the tool saves the password you’ve created. After that, there you go! Your PDFs have been successfully encrypted and they are now ready for download. That’s the simplest way to set up a secure password for your PDFs in the GogoPDF protection tool online. 

Online eSign PDF

Another useful GogoPDF online tool is the eSign PDF tool. You might have noticed that some documents or files need to have a personal signature to make them credible and valid. However, signing these documents won’t be easy if you’re using PDF files because you can’t simply grab a pen and sign them right away. 

Don’t worry because GogoPDF has an online eSign tool that allows you to add your personal signature digitally. You can manually write your signature through the touchpad of your laptop or by maneuvering the computer mouse. 

Another available option is to upload an image form of your signature on the eSign PDF tool. After that, the eSign tool will save the signature you’ve finally added. Within a couple of minutes, you can download your signed PDF files right away. 


As mentioned earlier, it isn’t easy as it seems to handle tons of electronic files on your computer file drive or smartphone, most especially if it’s part of your job at work. However, with the essential skill set and the right online tools, you can handle multiple file tasks with so much convenience and ease. 

The four online tools discussed above are, in fact, a few of those available online. GogoPDF has more online tools and services to offer for entirely free. Hence, if you want to use one of these tools any time soon, always visit the GogoPDF website, and you can access all of its online tools whenever and wherever you are. 

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