Guide to the Right Custom Truck Seat Cover

Choosing the right seat cover for your truck can be challenging at times. Quite often most people are torn between a custom truck seat cover option vs. a universal fit purchase. Moreover, other conflicting ideologies surround which truck seat cover is practically suitable and which one isn’t. In this feature, we’ll provide a general system to help you make the right decision. Since, choosing an important truck accessory shouldn’t be a complicated affair, grasping some of these aspects will provide a guide of some sort.

·         Seat Cover Material

The material incorporated in creating your custom truck seat cover is the most important aspect to consider, if not the primary one. Saddleman incorporates various materials including; leather, leatherette, Canvas, Neoprene, NeoSupreme, Saddle-Blanket among others. I trust that you are familiar with most of these fabrics? All you need to know about them is whether they fit in your current setting. For instance, if you have an active lifestyle, and constantly use your truck, then a durable fabric like canvas or neoprene can very well match your expectations. If you are a fan of the classy, luxury look then leather or leatherette will appeal to you.

Additionally, another thing to consider with the material is the ease of cleaning the seat covers. Essentially, you’d want a fabric that is easier to clean to do your seats. As you’ll note, easy to clean items are usually waterproof and thus resist tough stains.

·         What’s Your Budget?

Next up, you’d want an investment that would cost less but possess maximum value. The money you’ll spend on vehicle accessories matters a lot, considering we have some that are essential and some, non-essential. Seat covers are an essential item only if you regularly put your seats to the test. Determine your budget and then seek out to explore options available.

In addition, the material chosen is of different qualities and thus will have varying costs.

·         Degree of Customisation

Since we are talking about custom seat covers for trucks, you may come with your design or choose from our stunning list. Things like colour and pattern reflect your personality and this is a good way to express it. Saddleman customisation is flawless, and despite certain fabrics limiting the colour choice, there are numerous style patterns to behold.

·         Degree of Protection

Truck seats, when exposed to the sun, fade and the fabric becomes less durable and easily torn. It happens when you park your truck under the glaring summer sun. Custom truck seat covers can thus act as a protective barrier, protecting your original seats from UV damage. Moreover, the same goes with moisture damage, waterproof truck seat covers come in handy during the wet season or visits from the beach. Waterproof seat covers also protect against spills and tough stains.

Why don’t you head down at Saddleman’s and get your truck seat covers tailor-made to your design concept? There, you’ll get and provide you with the seat cover you want. You will also get unlimited colour combinations, style patterns, and quality-proven products from well-established agencies. Decide upon the fabric you desire through this guide and you’ll love the end product from our committed team.

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