How Do Residential Roofing Services Operate In Colorado

If you are someone who lives in Colorado and is about to hire a residential roofing service, you need to know how residential roofing companies work and what you should expect when hiring a roofing service. Getting new roofing or repairing an old one is a significant investment and should be done by a professional roofing company like red oak exteriors . If you know what goes on during a residential roofing project, you are more likely to end up with an optimally repaired or rebuilt roof. So without further ado, here is what is included in a residential roofing project.

Services to Expect From Reputed Residential Roofing Contractors in Colorado

When you hire a reputed roofing contractor in Colorado, they should provide you the following services:

  • Secure the rest of the property: A professional roofer will thoroughly inspect the area around your house and cover your property with protective material to avoid unnecessary damage.
  • Help you in picking the material for roofing: The right roofing contractor will inspect your roof and let you know the best options for roofing material from which to choose from. Depending on the conditions, a contractor might give you a choice to choose between asphalt shingles, slate, or metal roofing materials.
  • Remove the old roofing: Roofer will then remove the old roofing to expose the deck.
  • Inspect the roof: Once the roof decking is exposed, the roofing contractor will then inspect the deck to see if any damaged wood panels need to be replaced. This inspection is necessary because setting up new roofing over damage or softwood can result in problems later on.
  • Prepare the roof surface for roofing material installation: The contractors will prepare the wood decking by covering it with a special covering before installing the actual roofing material.  This material is placed to protect the deck from rain and the elements.
  • Installing new roofing material: Finally, the roofing contractor will install the new roofing material on your roof and clean up any unnecessary debris before wrapping up the process.

How Much Does A Roofing Services Company Charge In Colorado?

The cost of replacing or repairing the roof depends on many factors and one roofing services company might charge a different price than the other. You can expect to pay between $6k to $15k depending on the size of your property. This price is also dependent on the roofing material you choose to install on your roof. Also, there are additional charges for the removal of old roofing, which can significantly add to the overall cost of the roofing service. Removing the old roofing can set you back between $1k to $5k in Colorado unless the contractor you hired charges the labor cost on a per hour basis. 

Expected Duration of a Total Home Roofing Project? 

The total duration of a home roofing project can be around 3 to 8 weeks granted that the weather conditions are favorable and there are no holidays in between.  So if you want to make sure your home roofing project is completed in the shortest duration possible, you should factor in the weather. You should make sure to choose a time when the chances of rain or a storm are as little as possible in the coming weeks. Also, the duration of a roofing project is not solely affected by the work speed of the roofing company and its staff; it is also affected by how quickly the required materials arrive at the location of the roofing project. So if you live in an area where the roads are not good or your house is located at a higher altitude, such as a mountainous area, it is going to take longer for materials to reach your location. The duration of the roofing project might increase accordingly.

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