How Does Seek Thermal Works?

In this 21st century, we have seen the limelight of what technology is capable of offering. Today, experts are busy inventing devices to help us perform various tasks in our industries. In the thermal imaging industry, we are seeing tremendous advancements taking place every day. We now have a variety of thermal imagers we can employ for various thermal activities.

Seek thermals emerge, the recent thermal imaging devices introduced in the market. They are both simple to use as well as affordable devices for use in various industries. But how does Seek thermal works? Our discussion provides readers about these inventions and extensively how they work.

How Does Seek Thermal Works?

If you had ever tested other thermal imagers, you would probably find yourself sticking to certain models From Seek Thermal Reveal Pro, most thermal imagers have iPhone cases that don’t visualize the light but instead photograph heat. Seek thermals are new affordable inventions serving even better than other thermal imagers. But then, how does Seek thermal works?

Before we move further, readers should understand that these are plug-in thermals that combat with both Android and iOS devices. Compared to other advanced thermal cameras, their pictures aren’t so attractive. However, they make the powerful and also affordable options of all thermal imaging cameras.

Seek thermals employ sensors to make detections whenever they get employed for use. Their boast a resolution power of 200 *156 pixels. This is a significant resolution higher than for other thermal cameras. Seek thermals rely on their sensors to display results, and that’s why their picture is a bit less sharp.

Seek thermals work by measuring infrared radiations reflected, emitted, or transmitted by a body or object. The sensor will further transform gathered radiation to an image we call a thermogram. This is what the screen displays for further analysis by the users.

Seek Thermal cameras have simplified the process of taking photos and videos anywhere and anytime. With them, it’s also easy to share findings for further analysis and documents. You only require connecting to your smartphone and employ it to measure or detect a variety of parameters. Users can use them for various applications, including detecting energy loss, electrical faults, damaged insulation, etc.

Even though they offer less sharp images, this doesn’t disqualify them from the market. They have the highest thermal data resolution that makes up for this downside. Manufacturers designed them that way since they get constructed mainly to use for entertainment purposes. Sleek provides more useful information than the pictures you intend to see. This information is essential for enhanced and fast fixing of messes.

Readers have gotten limelight about how the sleek thermals work. However, we can’t end the discussion without gaining more information about them. It’s quite essential to learn about the design of these devices, their features and specifications alike. Let’s study deeper about these new devices.

Design of Sleek Thermals

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As stated, these are tiny plug-in thermal cameras you plug into a smart device’s charging port. However, they don’t combat any Android or iOS device as such. Compatibility greatly depends on the version of your smartphone. As we are continually advancing, manufacturers have designed the lightning versions of these devices. These combats to only the Apple devices that operate on iOS 7.0 and versions above it.

Seek Thermal App

Using the seek thermal app is simple and straightforward. The app has several options that make manoeuvring easy. Never worry about the Seek watermark since this is something you can disable and attach anything of your own. You can decide to add the location stamps or time to the pictures you have.

There are several things you can set your Seeker app to do when you’re busy taking photos and videos. You can either use it to capture raw images or even show up the temperature on the LCD. Likewise, users can set the app to display temperature variations as detected by the camera in-frame. Apart from these, the app boasts features a user can set threshold the temperature at which an image can appear.

The sleek thermal app doesn’t combat any versioned device. You require a minimum of iOS 8.0 and Android 4.3 for this given app. Otherwise, the app doesn’t download in any other given smartphone version.

Taking a Picture

There are a few controls on the screen of the seek thermal you can use in this case. They are located at the base or bottom of the LCD. Seek thermals won’t take pictures or videos automatically. The actions get initiated by the user using screen control functions. The functions still also allow you to choose whether you need to take a photo or video.

When you get set for this exercise, the photo-taking control at the center automatically appears solid. However, they display different colors depending on whether you’re taking a photo or video. White color on the control means you intend to take a photo while a red one is for a video. You remain by pressing gently to get your video or photo. Stopping recording simply requires a second press on that similar button.

When using the Seek thermals to take photos, the smartphone case compatibility matters a lot. We have both thicker and thinner smartphone cases. The thicker options, for instance, don’t provide required clearance at the insertion or connection ports. For such options, you have two things to do. You either remove the case or find an adapter/extend to attach the camera.


So, How does seek thermal works? Sleek thermals are excellent devices that have provided their effectiveness in different industries. This article has offered broad limelight about the Sleek thermals. We have gone deeper into their design and other features and specifications that help them to perform effectively. Give them a try to test what they offer as the new inventions in this century.

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