How Effective is Remote Access Care in the Health Industry?

With the evolution of technology, the world has witnessed a great shift in health Industry care services as well. The availability of high-speed internet connectivity has also brought doctors and patients closer today than ever before. Thanks to telemedicine, ailing individuals today are just a phone call or video call away from their attending physicians.

The practice of remote access care has found equal favour with patients and healthcare professionals alike. However, the benefits of this newer form of healthcare are different for both these groups.

How has telemedicine benefitted patients?

Remote engagement with patients has increased the convenience of seeking a doctor’s input regarding health and lifestyle matters. Patients can benefit in the following ways by taking the telemedicine route –

  • Cutting down transportation expenses

With telemedicine, patients no longer need to visit their doctors physically for a routine check-up. Instead, they can connect with their physician over the phone. In India, ailing individuals often buy train tickets and travel for days to visit specialist doctors. Digital platforms, nevertheless, ensure that patients do not need to spend money on such pursuits any longer.

  • Less time consuming

Previously, booking an appointment with a doctor and visiting his/her clinic meant spending considerable time on this pursuit. Often, patients would need to miss work or other important engagements just to consult with their physicians. With telemedicine, this is no longer a necessity. Individuals can consult with doctors while at work or while commuting to and from office.

  • Access to specialists

In some cases, a general physician is unable to diagnose or treat advanced or critical health issues. Under these instances, one must rely on specialists for the necessary care. Unfortunately, specialists are not as widely available as physicians.

Fortunately, remote care services eliminate this hassle, thus connecting you to the required specialists, regardless of their geographic location.

  • Reduce the risk of contamination

Visiting a doctor’s clinic is always a risky prospect since you are more likely to come into close contact with individuals carrying germs and infections. Contamination can lead you to fall ill as well, which can complicate an existing health condition if any. Telemedicine ensures that you do not need to leave the comfort of your home to seek medical aid. Therefore, it limits contact with other sick individuals.

How has telemedicine benefitted medical practitioners?

Besides the benefits of remote care for ailing individuals, the practice is also highly advantageous to healthcare workers. They can expect the following benefits from remote care –

  • Increased compliance with recommendations and treatment

With remote medical consulting platforms, patients are more likely to comply with the recommendations from doctors. In the long-term, such compliance ensures better overall prognosis and recovery. Lacking such a remote monitoring facility, individuals tend to miss medication or ignore dietary or lifestyle recommendations from their healthcare providers.

  • Doctors can become more productive

Physically meeting patients is often more time-consuming than engaging in video calls or text chats with them. Therefore, remote care services allow physicians to attend to more patients on a typical day. It can lead to increased revenue generation for the clinic and a booming business for the concerned doctor.

Still, telemedicine is in its nascent stages in India. Only a handful of private hospitals and nursing homes extend these services to patients as of now. Unfortunately, availing such care is expensive and beyond the means of average Indians. Owners of the Bajaj Finserv Digital Health EMI Network Card can avail such advanced consultations though, easily affording these sessions with this financial tool.

What does the health card offer?

The health card comes with a pre-approved limit of up to Rs.4 lakh, which users can spend on treatment and other medical bills. It functions similar to a credit card, but expenses are strictly limited to medical expenses alone. Listed below are some of the features of such a health card –

  • Easy conversion of medical bills into EMIs

Medical bills are often substantial enough to create financial distress. When burdened by such bills, using this health card can help immensely. With it, you can convert your existing medical liabilities into equated monthly instalments. Therefore, instead of paying the entire amount at a time, you can take up to 2 years to service the outstanding quantum. Also, the treatments can be availed at across more than 5,500 network facilities located in over 1,000 cities. Not to mention, the card can be utilised to avail treatment for family members as well along with the cardholder, who would include siblings, children, parents, and spouse.

  • Coverage for a range of medical conditions

Regardless of the health issues plaguing you, you can rest easy knowing that the digital health EMI network card will likely offer financial assistance for it. From bariatric surgery to maternal care, this card can bear the expense arising from all your medical necessities across 800 plus treatments and consultations. Additionally, you can also shop at select pharmacies with this card.

You can apply for a health card irrespective of which platform you tend to pursue for medical care with or other costly procedures. Owning such a card can make a difference in financing for medical care, especially in case of emergencies as these cards come with instant approval that an existing customer can avail against a nominal payment of Rs.707.

Non-insta variant of the card is also available, which individuals can obtain only against a payment of Rs.589. It is best to stay prepared for any medical emergency and remain worry-free for financing such expenses with a health card in place.


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