How Many PMP Certified People Are There in The World?

PMP certification is the course that is designed to develop professional project managers. Why is it necessary to get this certificate? The reason to get a certification in project management is that it would give an individual more recognition in the industry will help in the long run and will help the person in having an exponentially increasing career growth.

A project management course is the type of path which teaches the individual how to manage a project in any field. By doing this course, one would get knowledge about the various types of projects, client handling, how to achieve the goals in less time and less cost and so on. It is a course designed by PMI and takes around 35 hours to complete the course. Though it might sound easy, it is not. The reason as to why this course is regarded as one of the problematic courses is that this is a professional course which has real-life application. A certified project manager means an individual who has expert knowledge on how to manage the projects.

Areas of Application

Project managers find application in various fields. Whether it be a professional company, software industry, or a business field, each of them needs project managers. Though anyone can become a project manager, a certified project manager is a person who would be preferred more over the other candidates. Certified PMP individuals can be found in various fields of the global industry.

These project managers have a higher salary as compared to other project managers and even get more recognition in the industry. Moreover, a project manager needs to have professional knowledge about the field in which he/she is working on, and a course like PMP will help the person in gaining this knowledge.

Why Are Companies Looking For Certified Project Managers?

One of the primary reasons as to why companies are looking for certified project managers is that they would know how to complete the project in less budget too. As the economy is drastically going down, and companies need to manage the projects and the budget hand in hand, they are looking for people who know how to complete the project with fewer expenses.

A certified project manager knows how to do a project with less budget, how to manage the team and how to produce the desired results within the given time. Due to such reasons, companies look forward to project managers who are certified in this field and have experience in handling real-life projects.

How Many Certified Project Managers Are There?

Presently there are around 1,000,000 certified project managers in the world. Most of the project managers are currently found in the business and technological industries. The reason as to why one would find maximum certified project managers in these industries is that the projects in such cases are quite exciting, and the pay for the project manager is quite high.

In all tech giant companies, one can find a minimum of 20 certified project managers who are working on different projects every month. In such companies, the goal of the company is to get maximum positive results out of the project within the budget and get more customers at the end. Certified project managers even know how to make adaptive changes in the project so that the client will be happy, and the company will get the benefits.

Why Are There So Less Certified Project Managers?

Though the world population is quite high, the number of certified project managers is hardly 2% of the total world population. The reason as to why the number of certified project managers is so less is that the course which one needs to take to become a certified project manager is quite tricky.

The PMI, a non-profit global organization, offers certified courses in the field of project management. The course is designed to shape an individual professionally and is quite tricky too. The whole period for this course is 35 hours, after which one needs to pass an examination to become a certified project manager. Tons of people apply for the course every year, out of which only a few of them get the certificate. However, even after becoming a certified project manager, one needs to cope up with the changing time and revise the course from time to time so that he/she does not get stuck at any time.

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