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How to achieve your goals in photography

Photography can give you many joys, without a doubt, that’s why you are here, right?

Something is her that you love , that you are passionate about.I am very happy that it is so, because you can enjoy it a lot.Although it is true that it can also lead us to not so positive things and even generate many headaches, especially if you intend to make a living from it.Still, can you be an accomplished photographer, a happy photographer?

Of course.If you can achieve your goals, your dreams in photography, it will be ,Although it is clear that happiness is not a permanent state, in which one comes to stay forever.

No, life is too complex for that and photography is not all joy.Feeling that you achieve what you seek, you feel comforted.In my case, today I get photos that I am proud of . I’m not saying they are perfect or the best in the world, hehehe, no, but I know they are good photos and I feel fulfilled when I create them.I love seeing my clients identified and happy with the images I create.But I am not at all conformist, I am very clear that we must always continue to evolve and improve , that there is always room for it.

Some of the learnings that I bring you today I have taken years to realize, and I believe that they can be useful so that you do not faint on your way to your goals and dreams .

Your dreams and passions

Years ago I realized that life is too short to waste a lot of time on things that give us little or nothing .We all have goals and dreams in life. My advice is don’t put them off, fight for them.

Photography can contribute a lot to your personal development , seeing your creative and expressive expectations fulfilled, feeling and seeing your evolution.And if your dream is to dedicate yourself to it, to live from photography, you can also achieve it, although it is not easy.In my case, I couldn’t tell you with certainty that I fell in love with photography, that I was seduced by it.

He saw beauty and wanted to capture it in images that didn’t fade instantly . He looked at the world with great curiosity. Sometimes it surprises me that this curiosity is still intact.

Lensology Photography grabbed me so much that one day I decided I wanted to make a living from it, it became my passion.

Today I feel like a happy photographer, because I have achieved my dream , I am finally working on what I like.But don’t think that now I’m here lying in the sun , watching life go by, hahaha.Not at all, I have to keep working daily, like any other job, so that my business can continue.And especially considering that, unfortunately, photography is not valued as it deserves. Although that is a topic that gives for another article

My own way

I have come this far, but it has not been, believe me, a bed of roses .Let me tell you a bit about my tortuous journey.When I decided that I was going to make a living from photography, I began to investigate more and more, to attend training courses with great photographers, to continue advancing.Every day I knew more, but the more I knew, the broader the universe of photography seemed to me.That, far from overwhelming me, amazed me and encouraged me to continue. And keep doing it.It fascinates me that when you hit a key, a new keyboard unfolds… Wow!

It sounds crazy, but if you take steps, trying not to lose focus on shiny objects, in the long run that walk gives you brutal knowledge .

The fact is that mastering visual language , the language used by images, takes time , it is complex like any other language and we have not been trained for it.

Of course, once you get it, that you understand it and apply it, you have a lot of cattle for your photos.

It took me hours of training, practice, reading many books, seeing the work of many great photographers … until I got the point.But that was not my main challenge, no.

The main challenge I had to overcome was an invisible one , which, being internal, torpedoed me right on my waterline without being aware of it.

My lack of confidence, my low self-esteem, my fears ,… prevented me from believing in myself and definitely betting on fulfilling my dream.This was a difficult challenge to overcome.

We all have unlimited creative potential , but life, society as we have it set up, limits us and does not allow us to grow.Society is not concerned with having empowered citizens, who develop their potential. This subject already escapes from photography, and gives for many articles, hehehe.

My advice is to fight for your dreams , it will not be easy, as I will tell you in a moment. But if you believe in yourself and go for it, it will be.

Good news: photographing well is difficult

Pressing a shutter button on a camera is very simple, but photographing well, getting good images that express, that excite, is another story.But believe it or not, that’s great news .

No one is going to save you from consciously practicing until you master your camera, learn visual language, and find your own voice, if you want to feel totally fulfilled.

And if you want to have a profitable business, even more things.Nor are you going to get rid of learning from the great masters, seeing their works, learning from their work.And you should do it not as something punctual, if not continuously.There are no magic recipes to get good photos, or to become a great photographer or to live from photography, overnight.But now comes the best, not everything was going to benegative.

That being a good photographer is difficult is not discouraging nor should it discourage you, it is just the opposite .

If good photography were a matter of a few chosen for their talent or something as simple as applying a few infallible tricks and methods, then photography would be something unfair and not a beautiful means of expression and an art.

To play the violin virtuously Do you think it can be done quickly, without spending a lot of time on practice and learning? Surely not. Well, exactly the same thing happens for Lensology photographs.

Photographing well is difficult, like any other worthwhile art and skill .

There are no shortcuts, sorry to give you bad news, but it is what it is.And what is all that good about Braulio?

Well, if you are aware of it, if you take it seriously, put yourself to work, focus on what is important and also use an optimal work system (now we will talk about it), you will be on the path to achieving your goals.Furthermore, it is a path that not everyone will follow , because it involves work, organization and effort.

There are people who want results now, and what happens is that they will never get them. Do yourself a favor, and don’t be one of those.

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