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How to be in a Successful Second Marriage

Second marriages are not at all different from a first marriage or any other relationship. It is just the second marriage matrimony that comes with some additional strings and issues which could derail the happiness, If you could prepare for it and able to get a partner who understands the challenges of a second marriage, you would probably ride into the sunset happily.

Some tips to make your second marriage successful

What can be done to improve a new relationship when you feel it is ending, as this is a common problem, the solutions are far from ordinary. Many couples see this option as a fresh start and a new chance for happiness.

  • Do not criticize your partner: let your partner know what you need positively. Talking about the specific issue would reap better results than attacking your partner.
  • Trust your partner: mental or physical abuse or any past betrayals could make it difficult for anyone to start trusting other even the spouse from a second marriage. However, if you may learn to trust the spouse, it is easier to handle small chores and tasks; you could gradually raise the stakes. Even at work, employees who are considered trustworthy get more responsibilities and this does not happen overnight.
  • Create positive interaction: Some Punjabi matrimonial in their second marriage are happy couples having 5:1 ratio of conflicts. This means for every negative interaction, they have five positive interactions. You could deliberately create such positive interaction by doing things together that takes anyone away from stressful situations.
  • Plan the finances: planning finances before you tie the knot again will give you to opportunity and time to build a relationship as opposed to firefighting issues and keeping a tab on payments.
  • Mend the fences with the former spouse: if children from an earlier marriage, it is better to eventually mend the relationship with the former spouse to extend which access to the children does not become an issue or a constant source of tension in the family.
  • Communicate the expectation: communication the key to the success of any marriage. Stating the expectation before marriage and even when you are married would help avoid scenarios where the spouse jumps to the wrong conclusion about the actions and intention.
  • Learn to forgive and forget: the mistake is obvious anytime and at every stage of life even when the couple is mature and have been through a relationship. The added pressure of coming into a second marriage and having step-children, financial burden, and the anxiety of possibly going through a divorce the second time could make the second Shaadi even more challenging.
  • Learn how to repair the conflicts: do not put aside resentments that could destroy the relationship. Experiencing conflicts is inevitable and couples who strive to avoid it are at great risk of developing stagnant relationships.
  • Boost up physical affection: do not forget to cuddle each other on the couch and surprise your partner with a kiss. Even if you are not a touchy-feely person, an increase in physical affection could help you to sustain a deep and meaningful bond.
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