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How to Connect a Security Camera to a Surveillance Dvr

Life is busy and we don’t have time to keep an eye on the loved ones who wait for us at home. But ensuring security is our duty, how? Well, you can monitor their activities easily if you install a security camera in your home. Once, it was unthinkable for the expense and complicated issues but now it is accessible and affordable. If your home or office is situated in a risky place, then you have to consider a surveillance DVR security system.

 For that, you have to know How to Connect a Security Camera to a Surveillance DVR. To connect you have to use plugs and cables and make the DVR record all the activities you want to see. Let’s check out the connectivity process in detail.

How surveillance DVR works with a security system?

The DVR system records all the footage and stores them in the system. The videos will come in HD quality that requires less maintenance. But they work only manually.

In this system, closed-circuit cameras stay connected to a DVR system or a computer that can record. The digital DVR system is the upgraded system of closed-circuit television.

The security camera will record the videos and store them on the computer or DVR’s hard drive. The storage capacity totally depends on the space of the hard drive. The digital footage can be accessed from the drive.

How to Install and Connect a Cctv Camera and Dvr

If you are new to installing security systems and want to help a professional, then try the following steps yourself. Trust me; you will save your time and energy both at a time:

Choose the right spot:

When you have decided to install a CCTV at first, you have to pick the right spot that will help to maximize the coverage and you don’t need extra-long cables. The video quality gets affected by the cable length, so you have to go for the short cables. In the house or office, pick a corner to install the CCTV camera. It is best that from the corner you can see the entry door. Make sure there is a power socket nearby. If you want to install the camera outside, then install the camera above 10 ft so that you can have a view of the door, windows and garages.

Frame the camera

At first, place the camera in the desired spot, then mark the points where you have to drill. After drilling holes and using a hammer to firm the screw mouldings. Make sure to screw the camera strongly and power cable to the power socket.

Place the DVR

DVR is the place where you will find the surveillance hard disk. All the footage is stored in this disk that you can see later. Try to keep the DVR in a locked place so that the videos will stay intact and safe. If you can place the DVR in a bulletproof compartment, then it would be the best.

Organizing of the cables

Don’t leave the cables in a mess because it will make the connection lose and sometimes the camera will get disconnected for the messy cables. Make a pathway for the cables from the camera to the DVR. It is better to invest in wire moldings to manage the wires. Thus the cables will stay safe and tangle-free.

Connecting the cables

To connect the camera and the DVR, you have to use a BNC plug and cables. Pick the 100 feet BNC plug and play cable. First, connect one side of the cable to the DVR. You have to push and twist to connect. Then take the other cable end and attach it with the security camera cable. Remember just push and twist. Next you have to connect the one end of the power cable with the cameras power cable and the other end with the BNC plug end. Now take the power supply cable and put it on a power socket. Your camera and DVR are ready to work.

Start the system

After powering the system, check if the camera is working or not. If the camera is working, then check if the DVR is recording the footage or not. Make sure to check all the camera feed to see the viewing angle ok or not.

Benefits of Surveillance DVR

Thanks to technology that is working and improving from time to time in upgrading the surveillance system. By connecting the DVR to the camera, you will enjoy many benefits like:

Reducing crimes

For the DVR, your camera footage can be stored in high resolution so that you can identify any thieves or a stranger that committed a crime in your area or house or office.

Easy to install

The installation method is easy. You only need some cables and tools to connect the system.

Storage space and user-friendly

You will find the footage saved in the hard drive of the DVR. The best thing the footage’s resolution is clear and you can get access of time any time you want.


Installing the security camera with a DVR is affordable. You don’t need to spend a huge sum of money on this system.


To set up a security system in your workplace or home, you have to install it properly. For this, you have to know how to connect a security camera to a surveillance DVR. The connecting process is smooth and fast. Nowadays, people are getting interested in IP cameras that work with the internet, but there is nothing like the manual one. Because you don’t have to worry about losing an internet connection in the middle of the work, so get the right camera and DVR that are compatible with each other to get the most of the system.

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