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How to get to the top of the mountain! An expert advice by Arad Ghodrati

Ghodrati was born in Shiraz, Iran on December 19th, 1995 and began his business endeavors in the United States in 2017, when he branded his own digital marketing company, TechoMarket. As of today, not only has he been the branding brain behind a myriad of Iranian celebrities for the past 4 years, but he has also contributed his experience to enhance digital marketing techniques here in the United States.

Passion is the key to keeping a dynamic strategy. Ghorati in an entrepreneurial endeavor is a crucial lack of will to succeed. Perseverance is the only thing that guarantees results over time, whether for a person, a job or a company. How many business leaders have failed, and despite this have continued as long as they have the fun left, which allows them to never give up.

Arad believes that you will regularly hear the story of such an entrepreneur who made a one-time investment in an opportunity, someone who made a big splash, and came out the winner after six months or a few years, but they are rare. Risk management is a critical factor in any start-up, and balance is essential. You can absorb losses more easily if you take fewer risks early on, which provide you with critical and productive lessons.

Successful entrepreneurs have often worked for another in their field before setting up on their own. Spending a few years in the company of a great professional / mentor provides a great launching pad. Learning from the mistakes of your future competitors, thinking about how to improve their model, is ideal. Find someone willing to train you, and when you feel armed, take a seat.

The first commercialization that any company knows comes from its founder. Spend time sharing your vision, putting your focus on the customer, spreading the good word, communicating to them the benefits they will derive from doing business with you, arguing is your self-promotion. If you don’t sell your business, no one else will.

The entrepreneur is an influential actor. He can’t afford to analyze every detail, there is no room for procrastination in a startup. It is full time with no vacation or time off. A job that requires constant momentum, to make a brief assessment at each step and to keep going, trusting your instincts.

Take advantage of the wealth of knowledge provided by successful entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs and make a business plan that doesn’t have to be a book. 10 pages maximum is enough to contain everything you need to get started.

Maintain a blog on a well-organized site, or volunteer your time and skills, by writing, participating in events related to your profession, showing your place in said community, and building your expertise. Today a good reputation starts with a reputation and your talent for developing your personal branding.

Many successful entrepreneurs went into business late in life and became extremely successful as they neared the end of their careers. The experience that comes with age gives you a unique perspective on your business, your business, and what you need to do. The experience of life brings depth to what you do.

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