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How to have a Verified Instagram account Check out tips!

Everyone dreams of that little blue stamp that indicates an Instagram account is authentic. But do you know how to have a verified Instagram account?

Since 2018 the platform offers this extra security to its users, but it is not that easy to get the seal. The account must meet certain criteria. If it fits, you need to request verification to the social network.

To clear all your doubts about verifying your Instagram account, we have prepared this text. Follow us and stay on top of the best tips!

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What is a verified Instagram account?

Basically, a verified account is an account that Instagram has confirmed as being authentic. This goes for both personal accounts (especially famous people) and business accounts. In a way, it’s like Instagram telling users that that account is who it says it is.

This is not an Instagram-only feature. In fact, nowadays practically all social networks have some kind of feature to verify the authenticity of users. This is important to avoid fakes and also to protect people who use this type of platform to make purchases.

Now that you understand what a verified account is, find out what are the advantages of having a blue seal.

The advantages of having a verified Instagram account

More and more profiles are looking to get their Instagram account verified, and no wonder. The verification helps a lot in the success of the account, and offers a series of advantages for the company that decides to apply for it. Buy Instagram Likes Canada is still effective and arguably one of the quickest way to get recognition. 

One of the main advantages is reliability. When you see that your account is verified, the user is more willing to know your products and negotiate with you. Also, having your account verified helps to increase the amount of followers, as your account will appear prominently in search engines. 

That’s not counting the engagement rates, which increase a lot.

How to have a verified Instagram account? See the requirements!

Since 2018, any account can request verification on Instagram. However, not everyone succeeds. To receive the blue seal, you have to fulfill certain requirements set by the platform. Are they:


To receive the stamp, the account must really be authentic, that is, represent the brand or person it claims to represent. To prove this, it is important to share links from other social networks and put an informative description in the bio.


It is important that your followers can be fully informed about your account. To do this, put a bio that explains your activities properly, keep your profile in public mode and take care of your profile picture.


Just because your account is yours and contains the necessary information, this is not a guarantee of verification. Having good content, which wins many likes, effectively helps and is relevant to your followers, is essential to get the blue stamp on Instagram. If you’re looking for the best site to buy Instagram Followers Canada, then you’ve to choose only the reputable website. 


It is important that your company or your personal profile are already minimally known for you to earn the seal. To help, in the verification request you can already attach reports or quotes that your profile or company had on social media in general.


Your account must be the only representative of the brand, business or person you want to represent. To help with this, always try to publish original content, and don’t keep posting photos and texts from others.

By fulfilling all these requirements, your chance of getting verification is much higher. However, you still have to proceed with the request. Don’t worry, we’ll teach you all the steps to follow.

Step by step to get verification on Instagram

Below, understand how you should go about having a verified Instagram account. Before even placing the order, make sure your profile meets the requirements and tips we’ve given you up here, so you run less risk of being rejected by the platform. If you’re looking for SuperViral.Ca reviews then you have to consider all the factors.

Is everything in order? So connect in step by step:

1 – Open the app and access your profile

Okay, this is the most obvious part. The verification request needs to be done through the Instagram app, so open it on your mobile and access your profile.

2 – Click on the top menu

Now both business and personal profiles should access the top menu. In case you don’t know what it is, we’ll explain it to you: they’re those three little scratches that are in the upper right corner of the screen, next to the plus symbol.

3 – Access the settings

Did you find the top menu? You will now access the settings. They are not in the main list, but in the lower corner of the screen. They are marked by a gear symbol.

4 – Select the “Account” option

The settings have many options, but here we want the account option. This is where you can change personal information, languages, original publications and verification as well.

5 – Click on “Request Verification”

The ‘request verification’ option is within the ‘account’ option. Just click on it and complete the form, which asks you to enter your full name, profile category and other details.

6 – Send document for authentication

To proceed with the request, you must send a photo document for authentication, such as your CNH, RG or passport. For commercial profiles, you need to send official documents such as tax declarations or articles of incorporation.

Remember that having a verified profile on Facebook means nothing to Instagram, ok? They are different processes. 

How long does Instagram verification take?

Did you order? Nice! Now just wait for Instagram to analyze your request and respond if they approve or deny it. The answer comes via message within the app itself, but don’t expect it to happen right away.

Although the platform does not officially say how long it takes, the minimum period is a couple of days. That’s because they’ll check all the requirements we’ve discussed earlier to make sure you’re really entitled to the appeal.

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