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How to identify fake subscribers on YouTube

The subscriber base for your channel is no magic. You upload informative videos that drag the viewer’s attention towards your channel. It is always advisable to buy YouTube subscribers for your channel. Many of the accounts may be fake accounts that increase your follower base. They will neither like your videos nor comment on them. Your subscriber count decreases significantly when there is an announcement that YouTube is going to probe fake subscriber accounts. It is always possible to buy organic, free YouTube subscribers if you follow some tips to improve your subscriber base.

  1. Use Audit Tool: 

If you use the audit tool, it will tell you the real count of fake subscribers for your YouTube channel. The YouTube Bot Analytical tool will identify without fail how many fake followers you have if you enter your channel’s handle into it. 

This tool is also called as audience credibility and fake subscriber identifying kit. It will immediately show the credit score of your channel that helps you to identify the genuineness of your followers.

  1. Use YouTube analyzer: 

Once you enter your channel URL into the YouTube analyzer, it will give detailed inputs. It will show how well the audience receives your videos, whether you post informative and quality content in your video. This is very important because the YouTube algorithm promotes content that adds value to the viewer’s knowledge. It will also give you suggestions to drag more viewers for your account.

  1. Dig deep into the details: 

If you want to find out whether a YouTube account is fake check your account. If the videos you have pinned get very less views compared to the number of followers or subscribers, it is a bad sign. The reason why you get less number of views is that you have many fake subscribers on your list. If your videos receive many irrelevant comments that don’t make sense, it is another clear cut indicator of fake subscribers.

  1. Buy free YouTube subscribers: 

YouTube algorithm decides whether your videos should reach a lot of viewers. When your videos start gaining more attention and comments, you become popular. With popularity comes more share. The YouTube algorithm shares your video with a lot of viewers when you gain more and more genuine subscribers. When you share your videos on your website, it will improve the google algorithm. It will improve the ranking of your channel and helps a lot of people to reach your website.

The most important tactic that works with everyone is to request your viewers to subscribe to your channel. The second most important thing is to arouse curiosity in the mind of the viewers. At the end of every video give a hint of your next video. Build a healthy relationship with your viewers which will help to gain lots of followers. Ask your friends to subscribe and promote your channel. The more genuine subscribers, the more famous you become. These are the best tips to buy YouTube subscribers.


If you have 1000 subscribers to your YouTube channel and have 25-30 views, you can be sure that your channel has many fake subscribers. Don’t be fooled by the gigantic number of subscribers if it is not able to generate genuine views. 

A vast majority of the accounts may be fake without fetching desired results. If you have created an account for business purposes, fake ids won’t fetch any profit. When more and more people view your videos, you can push your products to a lot of prospective buyers. 

Some fake followers may break into your account. But too many fake accounts will damage you and the genuineness of your channel. It is always worth it to buy Youtube subscribers who are genuine.

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