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How to Increase Mobile Application Engagement

Customer engagement can be very important for businesses especially when it comes to mobile apps since the app’s success totally depends on the users and their experience. So before launching an app, developers might focus on how they can get to stimulate the customer engagement in their apps in order for them to succeed. There might be a slot of downloads for your app but this doesn’t mean that user will stick around and use your app for  long unless there is some kind of feature they can keep using and stay interested in. App engagement is vital to keep you mobile app running. Find out more information on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.

Using In App Messaging Feature

These are basically the messages a user would receive when using the app. A developer should make sure that the user would have in app messaging in order to gain attention of customers. These messages would be presented on the top of the device’s screen in form of banners or as a whole screen notification. Find out more features through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai. This in app messaging feature is for medium used apps in order to improve engagement by a large percentage.

Push Notification Feature in App

Similar to in app messages, push notifications of an app also add to customer engagement as push notifications catch a lot of attention of the user. Notifications act a reminder for users when they are not suing an app so that they can return to the mobile app and start using it again without forgetting that they have downloaded it. Find out more important features you should look into to implement into your mobile app through A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai.


Push notifications are a strong feature to increase customer engagement but along with that emails can also be vital to increase it since customers find the relevant emails of the app in their email inbox. Facebook took in this approach and Twitter does this as well to catch the attention of their users by popping into their emails as well. 

Using Deep Linking

Deep linking helps link content of the app with the web through clickable links of emails that would help increase customer involvement.  At the end this results in better user experience and improved retention for the customer. Here on A2 Solutions, mobile app development Dubai you can find more helpful tips to keep your audience attracted to you mobile application. 

Using Social Sharing 

Social networks have become vital part of our lives and thus many people share links and apps through different social media platforms. Users share their experiences on these platforms and spread word of mouth which brings a lot of attention to the apps. Research more through mobile app development Dubai.

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