How to make a YouTube Channel Art?

One of the foremost essential things for your YouTube channel is your channel art. It is the first impression of your channel. Whenever a viewer sees your video, the first thing that comes to their mind is the face behind the video. And as soon as they decide to visit the channel, the primary thing that grabs attention is the channel art with Youtube Channel Art Maker

CRAZY FACT – There are over 31 million channels, as of 2019, on YouTube. Pretty shocking, right! But we only see the one, which leaves an everlasting impact on our mind, and that’s why channel art is needed.

Good Channel Art will leave your viewers in amazement. It is the foremost thing that will help you in turning your viewers into subscribers. It will also leave a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds; making them visit your channel more often.

Now, the question arises – How to Make a Good Channel Art? You might be wondering that it is a tedious and time-consuming job. So, to give an end to your worries, we are here with some fantastic and eye-catching customizable Youtube Banner Templates! So stick to the end, because you do not want to disappoint your viewers! 

In this blog, we will teach you How to Create a Channel Art and show you some amazing templates from our collection. You can customize them according to your channel needs.

What is YouTube Channel Art? 

YouTube provides an area to upload an image that describes your channel the best, which is known as channel art for YouTube banner or Channel header image. It appears at the top of your YouTube channel, just like a Facebook cover image. Because it is located at the top of your page, it has a lot of importance using Youtube Thumbnail Maker.

To make your first impression on your viewers phenomenal, your channel art should be impactful, outstanding, and must tell visitors what your channel is about!

So, while creating a YouTube channel art, you have to make sure that you communicate your message very precisely. For impactful channel art, there are some guidelines that you should follow. 

Points to keep in mind before you jump into creating a Channel Art!

Every YouTube channel has its genre and content, which makes it distinct and unique. So, every channel needs a different type of channel art templates. Below are some guidelines to keep in mind before you began to create your channel art:


A good channel art should be within the prescribed size. The recommended size of YouTube channel art by google is 2560x1440px. But the problem is that YouTube crops out the size of your channel art when opened on different devices. So, here comes our rule 2, which is THE SAFE ZONE RULE.


What YouTube does is crop your Art from edges. The middle part of Channel Art is always visible despite which platform or device you are using. That’s your safe zone! Make sure to use it wisely to convey your message.

To make it more simple for you, the safe zone falls in the dimensions of 1546x423px. If you place anything outside these dimensions, then YouTube will crop it out. 


The utmost critical thing is the proper use of images, text, colors, and stickers. For making your channel art impactful and trendy, you can use various user-friendly tools. Photoadking is easy-to-use and has numerous inbuilt templates. You can customize and alter them according to your needs. 


You can customize all the templates with images, text, stickers, borders, and text to spice it up. And that is it! Your beautiful, impactful, and funky channel art is ready. 

Creating a YouTube channel art!

A well-thought-out and conceptualized YouTube channel art never disappoints the user. So, to make the process of creation more comfortable for you, we are here with our breathtaking collection of various channel art templates. Choose the one that fits your channel the best, and customize it accordingly. 

1) Cosmetics Channel Art

Is your YouTube channel about cosmetics? Then you surely need some marvelous channel art to highlight your channel. Leave your worries aside, and dive directly into these unique Channel Art For Cosmetics by Photoadking. Let your channel art distinguish your page from competitors.

2) Yoga Channel Art

You need to make an outstanding impression on your visitors to make your channel stand out. So, we are here with some astounding Yoga Channel Art Templates, to make sure that your channel does not get lost.

3) Summer Channel Art 

People are always looking for something new, and thus, with seasons, you need to keep on changing your art designs. So, here are some engaging and stunning Summer Channel Art Design looks for your channel. 

4) Beauty Channel Art

Do not dull the beauty of your YouTube channel by keeping a dull channel art. Try something trendy and incredible with our Beauty Channel Art Maker, and keep your viewers engaged.

5) Painting Channel Art

Sparkly, pastels, gradient, whatever you like! With our Painting Channel Art Maker, you can choose your pallet of colors and craft your channel art according to your imagination. 

6) Cooking Channel Art

Your cooking channel art should be as crisp as your cooking. It should adequately display your expertise in food. No matter what your imagination is, our Cooking Channel Art Templates will meet your ultimate expectations.

7) Animated Channel Art

Animation videos are becoming a new trend! Effective and magnificent Animated Channel Art is what you need to make your viewers visit your channel frequently. Here is a glimpse of stunning channel art templates for you.

Creating a Channel Art is extremely easy. All you need is to wake up your imagination powers, and an easy-to-use tool, Photoadking’s, stunning channel art templates will convert it into reality. Make sure to do your best with Flyer Maker and go a step ahead among your competitors to be a successful YouTuber.

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