How To Speed Up Your Tajweed Learning?

Learning the Quran is integral to understanding the Quran. It cheers us to figure out how Arabic wordings are used and articulated with the goal that will help us to learn the Quran.

While tajweed can be huge for a new learner because you are learning a language with astonishing guidelines from English, You don’t need to worry. Here are the tips to learn the Quran with tajweed.

Hire an online professional instructor

The main thing that will help learn the Quran with Tajweed, is selecting an online professional teacher. When you are following the Quran, You need an instructor to show you the standards of tajweed.

Articulation of the latter, how to pronounce the words? Also the differentiation of different sounds. A teacher encourages you to evaluate your progress and also shows you the Arabic language technicalities.

A professional instructor will be able to make you recognize how to learn basic tajweed and slowly get better. It only depends on the teacher.

Focus on the articulation points

The Quran has a lot of verses that acquire to be read appropriately. Each word should be pronounced properly. It will start with how rightly you articulate the latter, which makes a word. 

You firstly need to comprehensive the letters, their sounds, and their articulation. That will help you with a compelling amount with the correct recitation. But you have to rehearse for a long time to get a grip on the articulation of letters.

You can find many recitations of the Quran online from there you can understand the mistakes and learn to pronounce the words you are curious about. If you are not good at Arabic then you need to work on this language.

Don’t lose hope

Learning a new language is not an easy task, you need self-control to achieve this milestone. You can be disheartened while not performing the right sounds even after many attempts. During this time remind yourself why you have started this.

Everything seems difficult at the beginning, But it doesn’t mean you should lose hope. Anything can be achieved if you work hard. Failures are part of life, But you will learn from the experience and will get better.

Slow and steady

Try not to attempt many things at once, Because you are in a hurry to ace everything. Particularly when you are not a local speaker, this can make you feel puzzled or overwhelmed. Going at low speed makes it simpler for you to comprehend the different parts of tajweed. 

If you are a beginner, Don’t be shy about studying the fundamentals. It’s the most ideal approach to comprehend tajweed. It is also a known fact that if you learn anything at a slow speed. You will get a better understanding. Instead of adding squeezing everything in mind.

Recitation of the Quran

For NON-Arabs, The Quran is the most crucial source of Tajweed practice. You discover all the things in it. The more you recite the Quran the more you learn to articulate the words.

When you start reciting from the Quran it takes to express letters in sequence, it’ll be written in blue. Places, where two unique letter sets should be combined, will be written in red. These motivate you to be more aware of tajweed norms and to have a place to put them into practice once you’ve learned them.  


Practice is the only way to perfect your tajweed and recitation of the Quran. At the point when you have a grip on something, use it in your daily life. Also, use everything in your daily life that you have gained in Tajweed.

Mistakes will teach you

Everyone thinks that It’s haram to recite the Quran if you don’t know how to read it properly. This thinking is not only wrong but harmful, and it keeps us away from the Quran.

Don’t worry while reciting the Quran, whether you read it rightly or with mistakes. Without attempting it, how can you learn? It is better to recite it in front of your instructor or play it on the mobile to correct it.

Teach whatever you learn

The most ideal approach is to learn from your instructor and don’t just put it to yourself but also forward it next, to people who want to seek it. 

Moreover, begin teaching others, start with your relatives and friends. Also, you can begin instructing the kids at home. Assist them with learning the basics of tajweed, the standards, and many more. And you will always remember what you teach others.

Work on your pitch

You have to learn when to build the sound. When to back off and where to be quiet so as to ideal your recitation

Bottom line

So, don’t give up when it comes to learning. Allah (SWT) enjoys seeing his creations recite their words with respect and in the correct manner. He has intended them, and he will bless us even more if we share our knowledge once we have mastered it. Everything takes time to master,  just take it slowly and thoroughly absorb each subject. Also, remember to apply what you’ve learned in your daily life.

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