How to Stay Hopeful and Motivated in these Times of Distress

People across the world have suffered from hopelessness and lack of motivation, especially due to the lockdown caused by the Pandemic. This has resulted in several health complications such as increased stress, anxiety, and hopelessness for the future. Students especially have no idea what they plan to do with their life. Hope and motivation however are essential to make a person stay positive.

Hope means that there is the possibility of a better and bright future. It is needed at the worst possible time especially when things get tough. It can keep us going during those hard times as well. During the difficulty, if we can find the faint hope of something better. It opens us up and turns us toward something better.

Hope is not a passive condition. It is an active approach to life and arises from something a person wants when they’ve got a clear goal in mind. And though it may be difficult going ahead, a person develops a plan to get us closer to where they want to go.

When classrooms were shut during the pandemic, teachers became hopeless. Their life earnings were greatly affected. However, some of them searched for the best app to teach online and took them out of hopelessness. Their motivation was renewed and they became better.

Here are some of the ways a person can stay hopeful and motivated.

Setting Realistic Goals

When a person sets a realistic goal, they decide to act in a way that will help them achieve what they want. Goals give them a direction to focus on. The goal should be measurable and have an endpoint. This can make a person stay motivated and hopeful.

Another way of making or choosing a realistic goal is to choose goals that interest one. One is much more likely to stay motivated if they are working towards something that they genuinely want to do or achieve, rather than what other people want for them.

A person must find things that interest them within goals that don’t. Sometimes it is seen that other people set goals or tasks for a person. Such tasks a person doesn’t find interesting or want to do at all. One must try and find something within that task that does motivate them. For example, if a person finds maths challenging, it’s going to help them become a scientist which they want more than anything.

Tell People About Your Goal

If a person tells someone or writes down the goal, they have essentially made a promise to keep the word.

This will also help them in plotting the progress. When one is working towards something, it can be motivating if they can see evidence that they are making progress. One must draw or create a visual sketch of how one is coming closer to achieving the goal set for themselves.

Note down the good

A challenging situation and obstacle are a part of life. When they’ve faced one, they must focus on the good things no matter how tiny or insignificant they seem. If a person looks for it, they can always find hope and motivation. Even if it is not immediately obvious it can be hopeful at the end. For example, if a person’s friend cancels a  plan one must focus on how it has freed up their time. They can then catch up on a show or other activity they enjoy.


When a person puts in efforts to be hopeful it has many benefits. Hope helps build grit and determination. It helps in recovering quickly from events that are challenging or traumatic. It helps in recovering from a crisis as well. One becomes strong and focused.

One must be able to withstand a difficult situation. This leads to living a fuller life. It is the way of dealing with difficult times. A person can get some knowledge from that difficult times. This might help improve their coping mechanisms for the future.

One can try talking to parents, friends, peers, and lovers to feel motivated and hopeful. This will give them a wider perspective and help them achieve good results in the future.

Murtaza Ali

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