Importance of getting bike insurance online for a second-hand bike

Getting bike insurance is not a luxury – it is a requirement. You are bound by the laws in India to get bike insurance as soon as you buy a two-wheeler. This applies to both new, as well as used, two-wheelers. While it is legally required for you to insure your bike or scooter, it also makes sense to get a good two-wheeler insurance plan. There are many benefits you get when you do so. If you have recently purchased a second-hand bike, you should look to buy your two-wheeler insurance plan online. Read on to know why.

Benefits of getting bike insurance online for a second-hand bike

Here are the best benefits on offer:

  1. Affordable –
    The two-wheeler insurance plans online are very affordable. In fact, they are much cheaper than the bike plans sold offline. This is because you pay quite a high amount as brokerage when you buy your plan offline from an insurance agent. Then, the insurance company also charges a higher processing and administrative fee for the offline plans. These problems are not there with the online bike plans and so you end up paying a lower premium for the online bike policies.
  2. Quick and easy process –
    Buying an online two wheeler insurance policy for your second-hand bike is very simple. All you have to do is go online, compare and find your ideal cover. You can make the purchase then and there. You do not need to travel to an insurer’s office, worry about a lengthy documentation process or wait in long queues to get your work done. You can simply use the digital platform from the comforts of your own home and buy the plans in an instant.
  3. Wholesome cover –
    The online bike insurance plans offer a wholesome cover. You get several benefits such as third party liability covers along with coverage for your own bike. You get theft and fire covers, etc. This makes it very beneficial for you and if your bike ever needs repairs or replacement, the insurance cover will make it easier to get the job done.
  4. Legally covered –
    If you get involved in an accident and a third party gets injured by your bike, you may be dragged to court over it. Thankfully, the bike insurance plan will cover the legal costs you incur for this purpose. This proves to be a huge benefit and you get to save your own money.
  5. Easy to make a claim –
    And finally, it is very easy to make a claim on online bike insurance plans. All you need to do is go online, fill the claim application form, submit the documents and your claim will be processed.

As you can clearly see from the points mentioned above, there are many benefits you get when you buy your bike plan online for your pre-used vehicle.

Things to remember

Before you buy your online two wheeler insurance plan for your second-hand bike, keep the following points in mind:

  1. Type of cover –
    There are two types of two-wheeler insurance plans available in India. They are the third party liability cover and the comprehensive cover. The former only offers compensation for third party damages. It is a basic cover that is extremely cheap. The other type of bike insurance is comprehensive cover. Here, you get coverage for your own bike along with the third party cover. You need to choose the type of plan carefully. If your second-hand bike is very old and just a stop-gap arrangement for you, a third party liability plan may suffice. If however the bike is valuable and you plan to use it extensively, going for a comprehensive plan will definitely make more sense.
  2. Available NCB –
    You may have some NCB carried forward from your old insurance plan. The NCB gets transferred from policy to policy so ensure you get it when you buy the bike insurance plan online for your used bike technology for your safety.
  3. Other discounts –
    If you are a member of an automobile association or if the second-hand bike has a few safety devices, you will be eligible for a discount on your bike insurance premium. Check for these discounts to ensure you pay the correct price only.

Do not forget to evaluate each of the points mentioned above before you buy your bike plan online as doing so will help you to get the most effective insurance plan.

In conclusion

 Getting a good two wheeler insurance plan online for your second-hand bike can fetch you many benefits. Thankfully, there are many plans for you to choose from easily, you can compare and buy from So if you have already bought the vehicle or are planning to do so, get the best two-wheeler insurance online and keep it secured.

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