Is Chucking in Cricket Illegal?

Dhoni and Kohli are the greatest players in the world of cricket. Every captain is unique and if you view the captaincy styles of both the players,it is entirely different. Dhoni is calm, whereas Kohli is aggressive on the field; hence both are different personalities altogether.

Nowadays, chucking in cricket has become quite common. In cricket, when the bowler bowls the ball, he has to bend his arm not more than 15 degrees and if he uses more than the recommended, then the delivery will be considered illegal. Such kinds of bowlers are known as chuckers and bowling is called chucking.

Both the players hit the chucked ball very well, but this should not be promoted during the cricket match to be played. Everyone has their weaknesses and strengths to score. Hence, a comparison of the two ideals of the Indian cricket team is not fair. However, we have tried to distinguish between the two: Dhoni vs Kohli.

Dhoni vs Kohli

We are already aware that Dhoni is the most fantastic captain. He has contributed to Indian cricket a lot. Dhoni is a great batsman, too and the strike rate reveals his potential towards the game. Kohli is the greatest batsman of this cohort. Hehas a lot of confidence towards the shots and doing his best in captaincy that has not lost the single series. Let us analyze both Dhoni and Kohli:

ü  Techniques of Batting: Firstly, you should ask yourself who has better technique. Most of the cricket gamers will say that Kohli is far ahead of Dhoni.

ü  Physical Fitness: Kohli is the fitness freak and has outshined Dhoni in this benchmark as well.

ü  Running Speed: Both cricketers are excellent runners between the wickets andoutfield

ü  Captaincy Abilities: The captaincy skills matter a lot. As a captain, Dhoni is much appreciated, and the new captain, Kohli, also might take innovative ideas from the former captain based on his experience.

Dhoni: The Captain Cool

  • He is one of the best captains of the Indian cricket team and an all-time favorite.
  • He is one of the best wicket-keepers.
  • He is the best finisher of the game
  • He has one of the most intellectual thoughts in the world of cricket.
  • He is very calm and named ‘Captain Cool.’

Virat: Man with Aggression and Passion

  • He is ranked number 3 in the world of white-ball cricket.
  • He is one of the top test batsmen with a unique style of batting.
  • He is fit and possesses meticulous fielding skills.
  • He is known as a run machine and master of racing.
  • He is bestowed with aggression and passion.

Wrap Up

Both Kohli and Dhoni are valuable assets to Indian cricket. It entirely depends on what kind of qualities you are looking. Kohli appreciates Dhoni’s capability and Dhoni acknowledges Kohli’s accomplishments towards Indian cricket. They form apart of the Indian cricket team;hence let us not compare but appreciate the distinctive qualities of both the legends.

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