Linux VPS Server: Important FactorsThat You Should Know

A VPS, which stands for Virtual Private Server, is an upgraded form of shared hosting that allows
you to rent a limited space on ActiveServers.
It is suitable for website owners with mid-level traffic that shared hosting cannot handle but still
doesn’t require spending a hefty amount to purchase a Linux VPS server.
You must have heard about Linux VPS server hosting as they hold the majority of world-leading
websites and application infrastructures. Also, one of the most used operating systems on VPS
hosting practices. Suppose you fall in this category and think of buying a VPS.
However, just jumping in to purchase a Linux hosting won’t solve your problem. It will help
consider many factors that match your traffic and speed requirements. Here are some essential
factors that you must know before purchasing.

1. Link Speed

The most crucial reason people upgrade their existing hosting plan is that nobody likes slow
websites. Not even google! It will undoubtedly impact the number of visitors that directly affect
your business.
While selecting a Linux VPS server hosting, you must check the speed it can provide and the
number of visitors it can handle. It must exceed your current traffic requirements as indeed it’s
going to grow in the future.
Also, check where the server is located and if people living nearby have the best speed. Don’t
forget to sign up with a CDN provider if you have a global audience.

2. Storage Capacity

Usually, VPS providers offer a massive amount of storage that you don’t have to think about this
issue a lot about. But please make sure you select a company that uses SSDs (Solid State Drives).
It is also known as disk space.
It’s an upgraded technology that works much better than previously used HDDs. They are more
reliable and provide a fantastic experience.

3. RAM (Random Access Memory)

Virtual servers come with their dedicated RAM, and more RAM will help you efficiently run a
website loaded with content, images, and videos.
You can get up to 32GB of RAM. That’s an excellent option for a tremendous website, but if you
don’t have many visitors, 4GB RAM is more than enough, available in cheap Linux VPS.
Having more RAM will open your doors for a more extensive MySQL database, the ability to use
the content delivery networks, and many more options in Linux VPS servers.

4. Bandwidth Allowance

Bandwidth is the maximum amount of data transferred when a user visits your website. If you
offer downloads, then a higher bandwidth allowance is a must.
Luckily, most Linux VPS server providers don’t have a bandwidth cap. It will help if you go with
the unmetered bandwidth type and don’t want to face performance issues.
The more data you add, the more bandwidth it will consume. Your website will develop issues if
you select a metered bandwidth with a cheap Linux VPS usage cap.

5. Type Of Security

A website on any active servers pages prone to attack malware, DDoS, and phishing are becoming
an everyday issue. You must select a hosting plan that provides you with a valid SSL certificate
with firewall protection against all these attacks.

6. Easy To Manage

As you hardly need to make any changes in the cPanel, it is always advisable to select a Linux
hosting provider that helps you with an easy-to-understand cPanel despite being a cheap Linux
VPS. It makes things easier to control.
If you are looking to change a setting, you must easily find it in the cPanel.

7. Low Downtime Records

When you are paying for a service, you don’t want it to remain closed for most of the time. Some
cheap VPS providers will have a high-downtime default rate, which is undoubtedly a matter of
In such a case, we suggest you go for a hosting provider that provides a guaranteed 98% to 99%
of uptime which is also available with cheap Linux VPS servers.


The purpose of the hosting service is to make your website reliable, fast, secured, and easy to
manage active servers. Any cheap Linux VPS service hosting that fulfils these purposes is a good
Lastly, never forget to compare the service providers based on these factors and choose the one
that provides the maximum number of services at a budgeted price

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