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List of 15 best Android Libraries for 2020

Android libraries & frameworks seem to be a general set of behaviour implementations that can be written using the programming languages & also have a well-structured & well-defined interface. These frameworks or libraries contain data configuration. Templates of message, documentation, pre-written codes, data help, & values, classes, & subroutines, and many more.

The main reason behind using all these libraries is to expedite & enhance the development process that can be developing an extraordinary & outstanding app without any additional or unnecessary efforts. These libraries also help the developers with offer pre-written codes & important elements through which tasks can be performed from scratch. You must know the latest libraries if you want to develop the android apps that will go towards the android app development company.

15 best libraries for Android for app developers

1. Robolectrics

This seems to be an unparalleled library for unit testing. It helps in handling the resource loading inflation, views & several things. This also helps in testing the creation of library more effective & efficacious & also potent in order to perform the functions that help in real devices for dependencies of Android framework perform. In a concept, this simulates the SDK of Android for testing, eliminating the requirements for additive mocking related frameworks such as Mockito.

2. Espresso

Espresso generally seems to be the part of the testing support Android library. This is a test framework that permits the developers to develop & build the test for of user interface for the applications of Android. It permits you to write the tests & check the text on Text View is the same as the other text or not. It also imparts the real user impression using the appropriate app running for both emulators & real devices.

3. Gravity View

The most common concept within the market is the gravity view. This library is mainly used for tilting image using the sensors. The goal of the gravity view library is mainly to utilize the motion sensors for the android devices that also permit the user to perform the appropriate functions by device rotating. This library first used in the find application and remain continues. Developers need to be operating Android 3.0 in order to use the appropriate library. Along with it, there is a requirement to use this library for non-gyroscope devices that work along with the accelerometer sensor.

4. Holo Graph Library

This is another part of a graphic library that is used by various Android app development companies. This is the library that is ideal to add out the impeccably designed graphs & charts within applications of the android. This contains:

  • View of PieGraph
  • View of LineGraph
  • View of multiseriesDonutgraph
  • View of BarGraph

5. MPAndroidChart

It seems to be an impeccable android library for chart/graph view. It also supports line, pie, radar, bar, bubble, candlestick charts along with their dragging, animations & scaling. For the iOS counterpart, charts seem to be one of the best iOS app development company.

6. RxJava2

RxJAva is mainly used in order to implement reactive programming or applications. This is officially described as composing asynchronous libraries & programs based on events with use the of observable sequences. This library is also considered unbeatable through developers due to the process simplifications of chain asynchronous operations. This is also used to open a way to declare the working of concurrent operations.

7. Stetho

Stetho seems to be the sophisticated type debug bridge for the applications of the android. This library use is not limited to a particular area for inspection of a network, inspection of a database, a console of JavaScript, and many more but the developer also uses this to access the features of chrome developer tools. Along with it, developers are also selecting the way to enable to optional tool for dump apps which offer a powerful interface command type line to internal applications.

8. ButterKnife

This library is a type of renowned view binding that helps in assigning the ids to every view. Hence, this will be used to avoid find View byld excess. The view binding is just sorted to dependency injection, this can be proved by the statement – butter Knife is just like a dogger only infinitely less sharp. The main difference is that annotations of Butter Knife are mainly employed in order to generate the boilerplate code.

9. Android data binding

In order to develop the android support library, the library of android data binding needs the android studio of version 1.3 in order to full fill the work. This library does not use the annotations as same as Butter knife. This permits developers to bind the components of a user interface in data source layouts for the app development and also use the declarative format rather than programs.

10. CAMView

This library seems to be an effective alternative for the scanner of ZXing barcode. It seems to be an android camera, easy to access library that is embedded with a QR scanner that is mainly based on ZXing. This library possesses components set that are set up for the layout files and also allow the developers to provide immediate access to:

  • To perform the data processing of own camera live
  • Live feed of preview video from a camera device
  • Scan barcodes with ZXing’s built by engine decoding

11. ZXing

ZXing is a barcode library for image processing that is used to implement in JAVA along with ports to different programming languages. This library is also used to support the 1D product, 2D barcodes, & 1D industrial. Google also uses ZXing to make the indexable barcodes on the web. It also forms the scanner app of android’s app barcode & also integrates into Google book search & products of Google.

12. Glide

Glide is also a praised loader of image & seems to be one of the best latest android libraries for the developers that can be managed by Bump tech. Glide provides animated support of GIF while handling the loading of image & caching and also helps in decoding, displaying images, video calls, fetching, & GIFs. This library also includes the flexible & reliable API which allows the developers or programmers to plug out the network stack.

13. Picasso

Picasso seems to be a trusted & widely used library for an android image. Picasso allows for the loading of a hassle-free image within the application of one line code. It has some pitfalls like it take care of the recycling of handling image View & download cancellation in an adapter, facilitating the difficult transformation of memory using the automatic memory, caching.

14. Retrofit

This library is a type of safe Rest client for JAVA & android, mapping of API for the interface of clients along with using the annotations. In previous times, if developers want to request a network there is a requirement to execute the class of a sync task & then use the Https Url Xonnection to fetch out the data. Retrofit resolved this complex process. In this developer can manipulate the headers & endpoints, add out the request of body & parameters query & then select the methods request.

15. Dagger 2

The best thing about this library is that it mainly relies on using the processors of Java annotations along with the compiling time in order to estimate & analyze dependencies. In contrast, injection libraries of Java dependency suffer from some limitations like XML relying, incurring the penalties performance during the initial stage, also validating the issues related to dependency. The next pros of Dagger 2 are that it helps in simplifying the shared instances and their access.

Summing up

Reactive programming or data is released with the use of a component set known as a subscriber which also handles the asynchronous tasks. So, in short, these libraries help to transfer the data from source to appropriate subscribers. If you are looking at the design and develop the best custom application development using the best libraries, contact us at Mtoag. We have experts available to help you at every moment. 

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