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Long-range electric scooters – how far can they go on one charge?

How far can electric scooter travel, and what are its possibilities in terms of range, when it has a full charge? Finally – what does it depend on? Let’s discuss all of these issues – one by one – and get to know how to enhance your accumulator’s life!

How far can an electric scooter go on a full charge?

Is your goal far away? Don’t worry – many e-scooter models offer really impressive ranges now. But let’s start with the generalities.

How many miles will an electric scooter last? Typically, electric scooters offer a range between 10 and even 90 miles. Some long-range electric scooters available on the market offer us really long, hassle-free journeys. However, in reality, it’s truly hard to achieve the promised ranges. Why, exactly?

There are many factors that influence battery life. You can have an electric scooter equipped with the best battery, but if you don’t follow a few rules, it’s impossible to achieve 100% of its capacity. How to drive to get as far as possible on a single charge?

  • Economical driving – that’s the key to saving battery life. If you want to achieve your goal, it’s a good idea to drive steadily and avoid sudden accelerations.
  • Remember about weight limits – you won’t get very far with an overloaded vehicle. It’s very important that your vehicle fits you as closely as possible.
  • Choose undemanding roads – what do we mean in this case? The fact that slopes and uneven terrain absorb a lot more energy than driving on a straight road. So if you have such an opportunity – avoid difficult areas. Thanks to it, you’ll definitely go far.
  • Avoid hot temperatures – don’t let your e-scooter stand in direct sunlight. Also, remember to always disconnect the scooter from charging when the battery is full – it’ll avoid overheating.

Take care of the battery – the most important rule

We already know how to use our electric scooter to ride it as long as possible on a single charge. How about the charging itself? What’s worth remembering?

  • Don’t let the battery die – the more often you charge your electric scooter, the better. Also, never let the battery become completely discharged. Regularity of recharging is key.

Even if you don’t have the opportunity to use your electric scooter during winter, and it remains unused, the battery will gradually lose its power. That’s why it’s best to connect your electric scooter to charging every 4-5 weeks.

How far can an electric scooter travel? It all depends on how we use it. By meeting the above guidelines, we can be more confident that our battery in the electric scooter will serve us for a long time and will enable long and trouble-free trips.

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