Make A Wholesale Line Sheet To Stand Out

To look completely professional while reaching put to potential customers, you need a line sheet. A line sheet is an essential sales tool that helps businesses get recognition and boost sales by bringing more and more customers. It contains all the information about the product mix of the bran. 

Without a great line sheet, fashion brands cannot present their collection to potential buyers. The fashion line sheet sample helps them provide basic information about the products and allows buyers to decide whether or not to place an order. In simple words, you can say that a line sheet makes the whole buying process pretty simple.

What is a line sheet, and why your business needs is?

A line sheet should share the most important details of a product and the standout photos as well. A lien sheet is a simple and straightforward document that contains the relevant information only. There is no need to include long paragraphs to describe your brand or tell the background stories. The purpose of making a line sheet is to give all the information that a buyer needs to make a decision.

Now you might be thinking why my business needs a line sheet. Well, line sheets were used by fashion brands earlier, but now every product-based business uses line sheets to impress potential buyers. A well-organized line sheet gives a professional touch to your brand and helps it stand out in the crowd. Line sheets are important for businesses to presents their collection to buyers, which is not possible any other way. So, no matter how big or small your brand is, making a line sheet can really make a difference.

Essential elements of a line sheet:

The buyers need information about your products, but they do not have enough time to read long text. So, make sure your lien sheet is short and simple. If you are making a line sheet for the first time then take a look below at the essential elements of a line sheet:

  • Brand logo:

For easy brand recognition, place your brand logo at the top of the line sheet. It should be clearly visible so that the buyer can recognize who your brand is. Many brands do not pay attention to their logo. What they do not know is that their logo is the identity of their brand. Use a colored, simple, and easy to understand version of your logo. Place it right at the top of your sheet.

  • Contact information:

You anxiously wait for the buyer’s response after sending your line sheets. How would they contact you? You should include your contact details below your brand logo in the line sheet. Make sure that your contact information is visible, and the buyer does not need to search for anything.

Your contact information includes the name of the contact person, phone number, email addresses, and street addresses, etc.

It is suggested to double-check the contact details to make sure that you have given the correct numbers. The last thing you want to hear is that you have given the wrong phone numbers to the clients.

  • Color photos:

The purpose of creating a line sheet is to present your collection to potential buyers, so make sure you do so in the best possible way. The product images in a line sheet play an important role in impressing the clients. So, always use colorful images. Quality images should be used in the line sheets as the blurry low-quality images impress no one.

Use professionally edited photos with a white or neutral background. Try to include images of the products from the front back and sides so that the buyer can see how the product looks like. Choose the same size for uniformity:

  • Product details:

This is an important section of the line sheet where you answer most of the buyer’s questions. Include all the information about the products you want to sell. In this section, you include the following information:

  • Product name
  • SKU or item number
  • The wholesale price in buyer’s currency
  • Recommended retail price in the buyer’s currency
  • Order minimums
  • Range of sizes (if available)
  • Range of colors (if available)

Under the product images, you should add a product description, but you cannot use long paragraphs. The key is to be as precise as possible. You should not mention the details about whether the products are recyclable or not. In a line sheet, you can only include the information that helps the buyer in placing an order.

  • Payment terms:

Since you are making a line sheet to sell your products, add the information about the payment methods you accept. Do you have a 30-day payment window? Tell the customer about your payment terms to avoid any hassle in the future.

  • Refund policy:

Do you accept returns? In what case you accept returns? What is your cancellation policy? The buyers are interested in getting the answers to all these questions. Stating your refund policy clearly in the line sheet prevents many troubles that may arise in future.

  • Shipping details:

How much time do you take to pack and ship the order? What is your preferred shipping company? Do you cover the shipping cost, or the buyer has to pay it? Answer all these questions in the line sheet to make it easier for the buyer to decide whether or not to make a decision.

  • Special offers:

 You can drive the attention of your potential buyers by offering some special discounts and offers. We do not mean by one get one offer. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you should make a great line sheet that can convince the buyer to make a purchase.

Use software to make a line sheet:

Making a line sheet is a time-consuming task, especially for those who are making it for the first time. You need to take care of many things while making it as one small mistake can cost you a sale. Many people use software to make line sheets, which makes things a bit easier. Since the software is designed specifically for creating line sheets, they guide you about what information you should include. 

To get the templates, all you have to do is choose a plan, including information, and send it to potential buyers. But make sure that the software you use has the following features:

  • Professional-looking templates:

There are line sheet templates available online for free, but these sheets do not look professional.  If you want big brands to take your brand seriously, you should make a professional line sheet. So, invest some money in the line sheet templates and craft a line sheet that lets your products shine.

  • Quality:

Never compromise on quality. Using software to make a line sheet makes things easier, but it should not affect the quality. Bear in mind that a poorly craft line sheet costs you sales as well as connections. You do not want to lose customers, then make sure the line sheet you create contains quality images, stunning layout, and bold colors, etc. A visually harmonious and well-organized line sheet makes a great impression on potential buyers, thus bringing more and more customers into the business.

  • Speed:

 Speed of the software you use to make a line sheet matters a lot. You are using software to craft a line sheet just to save your time. What if it takes forever to load or add information? Make sure that the software you are using to make a line sheet is user-friendly and takes no time to load or download.

  • Customization:

You can use the lime sheet templates to craft a line sheet that can impress the clients. But if you feel that there is the need to be creative, then you can. There is no need to stick to the provided design if you feel that you need to be creative to impress a particular customer. You can play with font color and sizes, rearrange the lists, and test different backgrounds. But make sure that everything is aligned, and the product images you have used are of the same size.

  • Diversity:

The benefit if using line sheet software is its diversity. It allows you to cater to the needs of a particular client. If you are dealing with multiple niches, you can make different line sheets. If your customer likes purple, then why not make a line sheet with a purple theme. The purpose is to make a great line sheet to make a great impression on potential clients, and line sheet templates help you exactly do that.

  • Directly import products:

  The purpose of using line sheets software is to save time by making things easier. If you have a website, you can import your products straight into the software. Do you need them? Browse through the newly created sheet and choose which items to add to the line sheet. Isn’t it easy?

  • Free trial:

You may be reluctant to invest money online sheet software. But some software allows you to enjoy a free trial. These free trails allow you to access all the features and make a great line sheet. Test the features and then decide whether it is worth paying for the software or not.

  • 24/7 support:

Modern software comes with modern features that allow you to make a great line sheet. You get 24/7 support too. They have a highly trained representative around the clock to answer your questions. You have any queries or recommendations, feel free to contact the support team. They will be available to help you out in making a masterpiece. 

How can you save money by using the software?

Every business, irrespective of its size, needs to craft a line sheet that could impress clients. Making a line sheet is not that easy as there are certain things you need to consider while making it. You cannot use low-quality images or include background stories in the line sheets.

Moreover, you may get confused about what information you should include in the line sheet. It is a time-consuming task to decide what to include in a line sheet and what not.

Many people hire the services of a graphic designer. It can double your hourly investment. Hiring a graphic designer can be costly, and not every business can afford to pay for his services. You will have to pay him every time you need to make a change in the line sheet.

You need to update your lien sheet from time to time. You will be adding new products in the line or excluding a few items from the line.  You need to keep the buyer updated, so you have to make changes in the sheet. So, hiring a graphic designer is not a good idea, especially when you do not have enough budgets.

Save your time and money by investing in the line sheet software, which is less expensive than hiring a graphic designer.

Bottom line:

Having a well-crafted line sheet in your hands is no more a fantasy. When you know what information you should include in the line sheet, you can make a great document even in Microsoft word too. But there are other better options available such as using the software.

What are you waiting for? Choose your plan today and start making the masterpiece that can help you present your collection to potential buyers in the best possible way.  Make sure you use no long flowery descriptions in the line sheet. Keep it simple and short, as no one will be interested in reading the long documents. A line sheet consists of one or two pages, so make it as short as possible.

Do not consider a line sheet as a marketing tool. You do not ask buyers to purchase your products in the lien sheet. You only tell them how you can buy your products. You can tell the customer why they should buy your products in a catalog as it may contain long paragraphs.


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