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Michael Giannulis Suggests Top 3 Advantages of Social Media Marketing for Businesses

In this situation of COVID-19 outbreak, the normal or conventional method of marketing process is not possible at all.  At the same time, companies and organizations are seeing new opportunities in social media marketing. Well, you may ask, how is that going to be beneficial for the companies? With the whole world in a lockdown situation, the most efficient and effective way to boost one’s business is through social media platforms. Therefore, it makes total sense that companies should invest in social media marketing.

Incredible Increase in Brand Reach

As it is said earlier, social media is a global platform with billions of users, and nowadays, people use it to stay connected to one another or spend their leisure time. Thanks to the incredible engagement rate, social media has also become a platform where thousands of businesses flourish every day. If a business is willing to spend money and time on the right kind of promotion, social media marketing can bring excellent results. Even a local business can attract a huge number of international customers with the help of social media marketing.

Cost-Effective Marketing Process as Suggested by Michael Giannulis

Do you know the number one reason behind the popularity of social media marketing? Yes! You guessed it correctly; it is indeed cost-effective when compared to other modes of marketing. For instance, if you just take Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram, they charge a few dollars per day on average, depending on how you want to run the advertisements. So, you can easily understand how cheap that is compared to other available methods for marketing your brand. Not just that, your expenses can be reduced if you choose specific target customers and regions for your business.

Brand- Customer Relations

One of the most integral benefits of marketing through social media as suggested by Mike Giannulis is how social media enables the companies to build valuable relationships with customers through direct brand-customer interaction. Social media joins the consumer and the business organization directly through reviews, comments on posts, direct messages, emails, and so on. Not only this enables the businesses to get more consumers but also helps them in improving their brand image through the feedback of the existing consumers. The more you respond to customer queries and take action based on the negative feedback, the better image your brand builds.


As you can now easily conclude, a business can flourish like an evergreen forest with the help of marketing through social media if you know how to use it properly. Social media marketing helps in forming appropriate strategies for brands through customers’ critical reviews. It helps you to boost your brand image immensely and at the same time, you can target and influence the right kind of consumers for your business. These are primarily the most important and common benefits of marketing through social media. Now it’s your turn to utilize the marketing knowledge that you have gained to expand your consumer base and earn some loyal fans.

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