Minivans VS SUVs. Which Car structure is better?

Minivans VS SUVs.

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If you own a small business, have a large family or a generous garage, we guarantee that you have considered buying a three-row vehicle. But there are two vehicles with three rows,Minivans VS SUVs. . Which one should you buy?Minivans VS SUVs

We will compare both body styles, so you can make a better decision if you are looking forward to buying any one of these Minivans VS SUVs ?

Head to Head Comparison

Cargo Space

Most minivans feature deep cargo wells at the rear. Which means even when all passengers are sitting, you have a lot of cargo space without folding any seat. The Honda’s Odyssey offers whopping 38.6 cubic feet space which is more than double of what you get in Honda Pilot (16.5 cubic feet).

Passenger Space Compared

Most minivans we analysed had over 150 cubic feet space across all three rows. When we analysed the passenger space in three-rows SUVs, it was much less. The kneeroom and headroom are also generous in minivans.

While the seating configuration is quite similar in both, we found minivans to be more spacious and comfortable.

All-wheel drive & Towing

SUVs have this one advantage that almost all SUVs come with all-wheel drive, while only one minivan comes with AWD that is Toyota Sienna.

Minivans are not as strong and powerful as SUVs. SUVs can tow a lot more than minivans

Fuel economy

Minivans VS SUVs Most minivans across the globe are powered by a V6 engine. Majority of these provide between 30 mpg on highways and 24 mpg in the city.

Minivans VS SUVs On the other hand, SUVs feature both V6 and V8 engine. Most expensive trims come with the SUVs V8 engine. There is a big difference in fuel economy because SUVs give much less fuel economy. For instance, the Lexus GX gives 18 mpg on the highway which seems very low when you compare it with 30 mpg given by a minivan.


Unfortunately, minivans hold a reputation for being the uncool vehicles which were used to haul passengers a lot of passengers in the past. This is why automobile manufacturers have stopped thinking about them and don’t offer a lot of variety.

SUVs have a lot of variety because these are in demand and the automobile enthusiasts make great profits out of it. From subcompact to full-size SUVs, the SUV market is filled with a lot of sizes, colours and models. Even car tyre brands offer an array of tyres for the SUV segment, while the choice is limited for minivans.

Our conclusion

Let’s take a look at the important highlights from minivans:

  • The minivan is low to the ground.
  • Can accommodate eight people
  • It has power sliding doors which make the entrance easy
  • Both rows behind the front row fold
  • Cannot be driven in off-road conditions

Let’s quickly compare mid-size Minivans VS SUVs.

  • Has high ground clearance
  • Can accommodate eight people
  • Has hatch door at the back
  • Comes with both 2WD & AWD
  • Both rows behind the front row fold
  • Some SUVs can go off-road

Today, minivan only takes a small portion of the automobile market. Despite the fact that it gathers all the features and functions that most people desire in a car.

For once, look at it from a practical automobile enthusiast point of view. What do you want a car to have? A lot of room? Spacious seating area? Great fuel-economy? Sliding doors? You just described a minivan.

Most people describe a minivan when asked what they want to buy. Yet, no one wants to buy a minivan.

Minivans have an image problem. Everyone thinks an SUV is cooler. But we have seen people falling in love with minivans once they drive it.

The SUV segment is the most popular one today and we believe the reason is the sportier image it has. When it comes to purchasing a vehicle, it is not about getting the best discount deal. It is about getting a car that suits your needs perfectly.

Minivan is great for people who don’t just get caught up in the fancy exterior. All they care about is functionality, reliability and practicality.


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