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Myths Uncovered About IPads

The iPad is a great and versatile device for people of all ages. It has something for everyone. With some extra knowledge, you can make the most out of these devices. Read the following list of tips and tricks to take advantage of all the features an iPad provides.

An iPad can be an excellent device for those people who are always traveling. However, if you need a device that can allow you to work comfortably even while traveling, we suggest you choose a laptop over an iPad. Search for the best travel laptop under 500 to stay within your budget and find your best travel plus work companion.

iPad maintenance tips:

Since an iPad is a significant investment, it is wise to provide proper care to it. A screen protector is necessary for an iPad as it can give good protection to the device. Clean an iPad screen with a slightly damp cloth. Never use a cleaning agent to clean your iPad.

Avoid using an iPhone charger to charge your iPad. The output voltage it gives is different, causing a delay for the iPad to charge fully. Try to use the iPad’s original charger for charging.

Increase your iPad battery life with some easy tricks. First, always keep it in cool areas, and avoid using the device in hot places. Turn down your screen brightness when possible. Use airplane mode whenever you’re not online. Lastly, turn off Push notifications for emails. You can manually check your calendars and emails whenever you need to.

iPad notification settings:

Get notifications well in hand. Whenever you have numerous apps, there are always notifications coming through, which can be very annoying. Click on settings and then notifications. Choose for which apps you want notification and for which apps you do not. Doing this enables you to prioritize alerts so that you get notified by high priority applications.

Does the chiming sound annoy you whenever you get an email? Thankfully, this feature can be easily disabled. You can do this in general settings. After going into settings, select sounds, turn off the New Mail sound or lower its volume.

Some useful iPad settings:

  • Shortcuts are a simple way to view new messages. If you double-tap the spacebar, you’ll get a period followed by a space. Using this feature, you can send many more messages to friends in just one go.
  • Go to Settings, then Mail, and then Contacts and Calendars to add Google Calendar to your iPad. Select Add an Account, then tap Other. Then click “Add CalDAV” and use your Google log-in. Once done, click On the calendar. Now you should have all the tasks listed here.
  • Is the battery icon distracting you? If, so you can make it disappear. Go to the Settings menu. Find the Usage category beneath the General tab. Access the Usage category and turn off the display for battery percentage.
  • You can change your iPad’s default search engine if you are not fond of Google. Click on the Settings menu, then Safari, and then choose Search Engine. From here, you can change your search engine preference to Yahoo, Bing, etc.
  • You can visit multiple web pages at the same time on this device. No need to leave the site you’re on because you wish to follow through to another link. If you hold the link you want to open, you will get a menu with options. You can then choose to open a new tab to see the link, so you do not have to close your viewing page.
  • Use the Google Maps app on this device to search for a location. Search for a location in the app and wait until you see a red pin on the map. Tap on the pin and choose the person icon to load the street view.
  • Make sure you enable your Find My iPad app in the event you ever lose it. This feature will locate your iPad and let you delete the information as needed remotely. If you ever need to use this app, it will become indispensable.
  • Are you becoming tired of the constant Wi-Fi notifications? You can quickly turn this off. You can go to settings, then turn the networks join feature off. However, if you like to stay connected to a particular network, put your fears at ease. You still can; you just won’t be bothered by constant notifications.
  • VPN networks allow you to access the internet database through different servers. The networking tab will have all of the options needed to configure a VPN and establish a connection with your preferred network. Before setting a VPN connection, you will need to provide credentials such as a username or server address. In case if you don’t know the address of the server, contact the network administrator.
  • An iPad has preloaded apps you might never use. Many of these applications cannot be deleted. To avoid any confusion, place all useless applications into a separate folder and move it far from where you spend your time. This helps keep them out of your way.

iPad security:

If you store important data on an iPad, then you need to have this data backed up. Set up your iPad to erase data if a criminal attempts to access it. Tap on general settings, select “Password Lock,” and look for an option that instructs the iPad to erase data.

iCloud is an extraordinary service for iPad users who are always online. Storing data in iCloud can save lots of device storage and prevent the device from slowing down. However, for important data, we recommend you store it in more than one place.

Capturing a moment with iPad:

It is natural to hold the sides of the iPad when taking a photo. This will cause the shutter to move slightly and could potentially rattle when attempting to snap a picture. By using an orientation key lock, we can prevent this problem from taking place. This helps your thumb reach the shutter button easier. After you’ve snapped the picture, use the image editor, and rotate the picture to your liking.

You can easily take screenshots on your iPad. Just press the home and sleep button at the same time.


An iPad is a Highly convenient device. However, using the device to its fullest starts with some research. The following article contains helpful tips you can use to take advantage of your iPad’s potential.

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