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Office 365 vs. Office 2013: What to Choose?

Microsoft is constantly driving the individuals for moving towards Office 365 that is working on the model of subscription service, and left their usual programs of the Office, which is working on the 1-time purchasing model. On the other side, Office 2013 was presented in the same period, and it has accessibility towards so many similar characteristics. So the confusion is; which one an individual should invest in?

Quick response is, in case, Office 2013 is covering your entire requirements, and a person is planning to make use of it for around good four to five years of duration. With time, it would become inexpensive as compared to 365. In case you are interested in having additional features, and also would make good usage of these, in that case, Office 365 would be your best choice of selection.

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What’s New with Office 2013?

MS is recurrently analyzed – only creating fewer changes in their other kinds of versions of Office – suite. Conferring to the side from innovative modern feel, as well as the supported characteristic of touch screen in most recent Office – suite. The topmost addition is suitable online sharing along with different cloud-related options. However, files – which are generated via different programs of Office 2013 – would be saved openly to the One-Drive that is MS’s safe online platform.

Another kind of modifications within the Office apps consists of:

  • MS Word owns the newest reading mode.
  • MS Outlook owns a cleaner lookout.

The Office 365 Suite

Contrasting to Office 2013 – suite where a person would only have an access to keep paying a single fee, MS Office 365 includes paying the fees of subscription every month or every year. In simple words, you are only paying the rent of the package. Apart from this dissimilarity – when we talk about payment mode, Office 365 enables their subscribers to make use of software on around 5-computers just for one single price. Whereas Office 2013 only allowing 1-computer on each copy.

Similar to Office 2013 – suite, Office 365 is also having different versions – which are accessible particularly for business resolutions – particularly for those who obtained Office 365 certification. These kinds of versions are Office 365 – Pro-Plus, Office 365 – Enterprise, as well as Office 365 Small – Business – Premium.

Office 365 vs. Office 2013


The most initial concern is cost. Office 365 owns a lot of tiers, and it all depends on the type of usage with the business’s size. It is an enormous list to consider; here we would emphasize business-related plans of Office 365.

  • You would attain Office 365 Business fundamental at the rate of $5.00 by every user every month while you are signing up for the entire year and the total cost would be $60 on yearly basis.
  • Any normal business edition for $8.25 by every user every month while we are signing up for the whole year, and it would cost you around $99.
  • Another Business Premium edition costs you around $12.50 for every user every month once you are signing up for the entire year, and its price is around $150 each year.


Office 365 fundamentals are only coming up with PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. If this is the case – where all of your necessities are fulfilled; that is seems to be your great bet. Business 365 either it is normal or Premium and also Professional – 2013 are coming with whole installations of the OneNote, Publisher, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and Word. Moreover, Professional – 2013 is also coming up with access.


While you are getting the Office – Professional 2013, you would attain a CD or else – download that would place the program in a single computer. If a person is attaining Office 365 Business – Essentials, you would just become enough capable of getting accessibility to the applications at an online platform.

On the other side of the coin, if a person opts for Office 365 Business or Premium version – then you would require to make installation of the entire apps on around five PCs or about five tablets along with five phones. It seems to be not any contest. Office 365 Premium/Business editions offer far more ease of access, if an individual is only using a single computer for their work, and would not ever utilize another device or computer then they are not getting any single thing.

Advantages of MS Office

The topmost benefit to subscribing to Office 365 is; a person would save a big amount of their money, in case there are more computers in their business setup or at their house.


All On the Same Page

Since Office – 365 for the Business is relying upon the cloud and also handled through a main panel of admin, you would make sure that every user has an exactly similar version of the Office -which consecutively makes sure that their files would be compatible.

Reduced Licensing Costs

If a person previously buys separate editions of Office 2013 for their personnel, you would end up paying a cost of $399 for a Professional edition that would only get installed on a single computer. However, when comparing this with the Office 365 Small – Business – Premium as its cost is $12.50 for each user, every month and also provides a similar version of the Office, with a lot of features.

Enhanced Security and Uptime

Microsoft is giving an assurance that Office-365 software would be progress and running 99.9 percent of the time that refers to the fact that programs on which you are relying would be accessible when there is a need.

Final Thoughts

It doesn’t matter which kind of Office suite a person would select, you would own an opportunity to keep working with the newest UI, as well as menu options. It’s essential to make aware of every software package edition – which is aimed at those who have varying demands. By having this, it’s depending on you to make a decision, which one you are going to buy – as not any single person knows what exactly your needs are.

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